A Few Things I Found

I have found a few pretty amazing things in the storage room.  I found a gift card for Starbucks for $15.00.  I thought that was cool.  Next I found a $10 gift certificate for Redbox.  There was even a folder with a 4-H check for $60.00 from 2009.  A little more digging and I found 2 movie tickets.

As I watch a movie and drink my Starbucks, I’ll be able to color because I found a brand new box of colored pencils.  I looked at every store over Christmas trying to find some but everyone was sold out.  Apparently adult coloring books are the rage around here right  now.

Then I found one more priceless thing – a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Revisited book.  It was one of the books that I wanted to buy and I found it in my own house. How amazing is that?

These are all reasons that I’m struggling so hard in the storage room.  I think there’s some really great stuff in there.  It’s just that none of it has any place to go.  I don’t know where to put any of it.  I should use the gift certificates or give them away and I should sit down and use my colored pencils.


3 thoughts on “A Few Things I Found

  1. I’ve had trouble with forgetting about or losing gift cards in my house too… I think I need to have a spot where all the gift cards and similar items go. Then we can always go look there before going out shopping or for dinner or whatever…

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