A Little Bit of Clutter is Okay

I stayed at a friend’s house last week and realized something about clutter.  A little bit is okay.  The house doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.  It doesn’t have to be 100% free of any and all clutter. There can be a little bit and it’s okay if people stop over to say hey.

My friend’s house is very nice.  It doesn’t look like a mess at all when you walk in.  Sure, they could get rid of some things but then the house would  look like a museum, not a home.  I sat there for quite awhile looking around trying to make myself soak it all in.  I’m pretty sure that I am completely blind to clutter since I’ve lived with it so long.  I had to really look around to see the small piles.

Embrace the Clutter


I keep saying that I want everything out of my living room but that will never happen and I need to accept it.  There will always be a few pieces of mail that will need to be attended to.  Hopefully, there will always be shoes that need to be put away.  I can get them more organized and into a functional space but they will still be there. I need to have pens on my desk and video game controllers by the TV.

Of course there’s still a lot more to get rid of and more remodeling to be done but a little bit is okay and I realize that now.  I will not get all upset when there’s a a few small piles sitting around.  I will straighten them up and leave them where they are or move them to a more appropriate place.  I will do my best to make sure that they stay manageable and don’t get out of control and take over the entire room.  If I live that way long enough, maybe the piles will start to appear again and I won’t need my camera to see them.

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