As I Sit Here Staring

I’ve been working on unburying my other couch.  It’s been under a lot of bags and boxes for a couple of months now.  I went through about 3 boxes and got rid of a couple things.  Then I went through them again and now I have a half of a box full.  It’s not enough.  So I just sit here looking at it all.  For hours.  I can’t keep this all.  What else can go?

One thing that’s been tripping me up is an old weaving loom.  It didn’t belong to anyone in my family.  It’s big.  I’ve never weaved anything and I don’t intend to start weaving.  So why is this one so hard?  Because it’s really old.  Yea, it’s gotta be worth something but not enough to be causing all this stress trying to figure out what to do with it.

It’s In the Box!

It’s finally in the get rid of box and I’m not planning on taking it out but it shouldn’t have been that hard of a decision.  Ugh!

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