Words That A Hoarder Never Wants to Hear

I took one of the kids to see Spider-Man tonight (good movie by the way!) and sometime during the movie, I got a text from home.  A PIPE BROKE.  Those are horrible words to hear when you know that a hoarder spends most of their time in the basement.  I couldn’t deal with it tonight and I have to work tomorrow but as soon as I get home, that’s where I’ll be headed.  I guess I’ll get lots of my challenge days done at once!  Oh well, it’s good timing because I was just about caught up anyways.

I’ll update this more tomorrow when I’m able to assess the damage.

8 thoughts on “Words That A Hoarder Never Wants to Hear

    1. Wow!! It’s definitely helping to speed up the process! I’ve gotten rid of a lot so far. Unfortunately, the kids threw a bunch of stuff away so I won’t be able to count it but that’s ok! At least it’s out!

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