Day 54 One Lonely Mitten and Some Old Wallpaper

I can’t believe how easy it’s getting to get rid of 18 things every day.  I remember when I started and it took me a couple hours to get to 18.  Now I usually end up with close to double that in less than a half hour.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been down in the basement the last few days.

Look at that cute mitten!  I love those mittens but I have no idea where the other one is.  The green thing in the middle is a cut out of one of my kids’ hands.  It made an antler for a reindeer decoration.  Thankfully, the diary doesn’t have anything written in it and I still have some of that old wallpaper hanging in my kitchen.  I guess we kept it in case we ever needed to replace any of it but now it’s so old that I would just get new stuff.

day 54 decluttering challenge

Day 51 Fun Things

The lone socks aren’t that much fun but most of the other stuff is.  I have cases for 2 Katamari games.  These were really fun games that I used to play all the time.  You’re a little guy who pushes around a sticky ball that picks everything up as it moves. You start out with little tiny things like paperclips, tacks, and pieces of gum.  The more you pick up, the bigger the ball gets. Eventually, as the levels progress, the ball gets big enough to pick up cows, horses, cars and buildings.  I think there’s even a level where you pick up stars and planets.  I have the game on my phone now so I don’t play these anymore.

Letting Go of More Toys

A few of the other things are the gang from the Clifford books, Mrs. ClausM & M, a Magic Treehouse book, and some little toy horses.  There is a lone glove too which also isn’t much fun.  That’s it for this batch of 18 things!

decluttering challenge

Day 50 Unused Lids and Finally a New Count!

Recently, I got one of those multi-size lids so I only need that one. I don’t need all of these that have been in my basement for years untouched.  There’s also computer sides and a beach bag that was packed at least 12 years ago.


I’m on day 50 of my 115 (or was it 120?) day challenge of getting rid of 18 things per day.  I’m aiming for 2018 things before 2018.  For this challenge, I’m at 900 things that I’ve gotten rid of!

That makes my GRAND TOTAL since I started this decluttering effort 3,869 things that I never have to pick up again!!

I can’t wait until I reach 5.000.  I knew there was way too much in this house but I never imaged there were that many things.  10,000 things is a very realistic goal.

decluttering challenge

Bottlenecked in the House

I have stuff pulled out of everywhere right now.  My living room looks like a tornado went through it.  Thank goodness it didn’t.  My basement has bags and boxes waiting to come up.  My kitchen is still torn apart from the broken pipe.

Once everything is either put away or taken out of the house, I think it’s going to feel a lot less cluttered.  But right now, it’s hard to move around at all.  It’s more like an Olympic sport trying to climb over everything to get from room to room. Even finding a little spot to take my pics is getting hard.

I hope I can pull it all together once and for all! Soon!  Like, before Christmas.  I have a busy next couple of weeks though so it’s going to be hard but I’ll keep working away at it.  I’m glad it’s a short week at work.

Day 53 Letting Go of the Calendar but Keeping the Memories

You know I’m serious when I get rid of something from The Milwaukee Wave.  I have so many good memories  of watching the soccer games with my kids and hanging out for awhile after them.  Those were some of the greatest years we ever had.  We had so much fun and I miss doing that stuff.

The rest of these things are just little putzy things.  I should probably keep the magnet doll thing because I think it might have been a grandma’s or something but I’m letting it go.  I’m working really hard and am more determined than I’ve ever been to get this stuff out.

I know that baby steps will get it done but bigger steps will get it done faster and that’s what I need right now.

day 53 decluttering challenge

Update on the Water in the Basement

Wow this is stressful!  I’ve probably said it before but my basement is way worse than I keep telling myself it is.  I went down there and found a small-ish puddle of water.  The first thing I did was fill up an entire garbage bag in about 5 minutes so the water could start drying up.  I couldn’t get in very far but I’ll come back to that.

Then I saw a couple of buckets that I’ve been meaning to look into so I started going through those.  There were some cute kid clothes in there but they smelled all musty so out they go.  I couldn’t quite get to the bottom bucket so I had to pull it out and that’s where the nightmare was.  More water.  The biggest problem is that I don’t know if this water is the water from last night or if there’s another problem somewhere.

In the meantime, while I was moving things around, I filled up another two big garbage bags in about 20 minutes.  Have you ever met a box hoarder?  I have one living here and there has to be a couple hundred boxes down there.  There’s empty boxes and boxes with little accessories in them everywhere.  I should’ve taken some pics before I started because I’ve already made a dent down there.

Yes!  You read that right!  I made a dent in about an hour!  It really is possible to get better at this!  It’s still a mess though so I will get some before pics.  My allergies are going crazy so I have to take breaks often.

Words That A Hoarder Never Wants to Hear

I took one of the kids to see Spider-Man tonight (good movie by the way!) and sometime during the movie, I got a text from home.  A PIPE BROKE.  Those are horrible words to hear when you know that a hoarder spends most of their time in the basement.  I couldn’t deal with it tonight and I have to work tomorrow but as soon as I get home, that’s where I’ll be headed.  I guess I’ll get lots of my challenge days done at once!  Oh well, it’s good timing because I was just about caught up anyways.

I’ll update this more tomorrow when I’m able to assess the damage.