Christmas is Coming!  Time to set some goals.

I really don’t like talking about Christmas before Halloween but this year is a little different.  My son has gotten to the age where coming home for Christmas doesn’t mean that he’s coming home for Christmas, it means that him and his fiance are coming for Christmas.

Unfortunately, she’s not as forgiving when it comes to the hoarding mess in my house as he is.  While it’s a hundred times better than it was 5 years ago, walking through the house still requires a bit of acrobatics.  Ok, it’s not really that bad but there are some tricky areas.

Anyways, back to the point.  For the past year, they’ve been staying at other people’s houses when they come to visit.  Do you have any idea how hard that is?  My kids are my life so it kills me that they have to stay somewhere else because of the mess.  It’s an awful thought has helped me to let go of a lot of things. It’s what inspires me to keep working on it.

I would be so happy if they could stay here at Christmas time this year so I need to get moving in high gear.  My main goal obviously then is to make the house nice enough that they will stay but that’s not really specific enough to start.

The living room will be ongoing but while that’s in process, I need to start working on the front porch.  My living room is going to look good but you can hardly get in the front door.  A clean porch will make walking into the nice living room that much better.   I think that I will give myself a week to finish it.  Today is October 26th so my goal date to have it completed will be November 1st.

A clutter mess on my front porch

7 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming!  Time to set some goals.

  1. I don’t like hearing or talking about Christmas before Halloween either, in fact we have some birthdays in early December so we like to get those out of the way too.

    Your post reminded me of how we used to be a family of six at what is now only my mum’s house. Us kids would each have our own room for our own stuff. Now we have all moved out and it is only mum there… she is gradually managing to fill each of the rooms with her ever expanding hoard – it makes me so sad. Luckily we all live nearby so we don’t need to stay over, but I doubt that would be possible now either.

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