Cleaning Anxiety from a School Bus


Should I give away the school bus or keep it?

This school bus was really causing me a lot of anxiety today.  I’ve kept it around for awhile but it’s not something that I really need nor did I think I was very attached to it.  It does turns out that it’s a Fisher Price school bus.  I was thinking it was Little Tykes but it’s not.  It’s Fisher Price and I collect Fisher Price stuff which is maybe why I have it in the first place. Or it’s possible that I bought it for my twins when they were babies but I don’t really recall them even playing with it very much.  So why has this one toy been such a struggle to let go? (Which I didn’t do by the way)

Besides the fact that it’s made by Fisher Price, I do have one more reason to keep it.  It’s a very durable toy and great for toddlers.  I have two kids getting married later this year so sometime within the next two years, I’m thinking that at least one of them will have a baby.  Then when they come see me, I will have toys here for the baby or babies to play with.  I don’t want to keep hundreds of toys around the house for them but I think this one is worthy of keeping, for a few more years anyways!

It took me forever to come to this decision.  I was really stressing out about it and finally decided that I should just keep it.  It wasn’t worth the anxiety that I was putting myself though trying to figure out what to do with it.  Although there’s not much room left in the storage room, I figured that this toy was small enough that I could put it in there for now.  Maybe it won’t make the cut on a future decluttering attempt but for now, it’s staying.


One thought on “Cleaning Anxiety from a School Bus

  1. I like your willingness to possibly part with it later but seems like you made a good decision to keep it for now since you were unsure. Not a bad way to do it as long as you will reconsider it later on if it ends up not getting any use. I have quite a few things that I think I need to make a list of them and then if I don’t use them this year, just give them away.

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