Day 14 More Ten Year Old Papers

I can’t believe that I’ve let this stuff take up space in my basement for TEN YEARS!! 

8 thoughts on “Day 14 More Ten Year Old Papers

    1. I was wondering who the first one to say something about it would be!! LOL!! I think it was a joke we had going for awhile at work.

  1. Sometimes it’s good to have old documents that you think you will never need again. When I sold my house, we got all the way to the day of exchanging contracts when an issue arose to do with the structure. I had kept the carbon copy of the survey that had been done 11 years earlier but the lawyer who should have dealt with the arising issue back then no longer had any paperwork relating to when I bought the house. So my copy was the only one in existence. It saved me a lot of money because I could prove that the original lawyer was at fault and they had to fix the issue free of charge! I was SO thankful to be a paperwork hoarder back then! Now, I just scan stuff like that and keep electronic copies because you never know…🤔

    1. And it’s a good thing you had those papers!!! I feel like we’ve paid some medical bills multiple times now just because we didn’t keep good records.

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