Day 19 Letting Go of a Few Books

A Few Books and Small things

All these little things are adding up quickly.  Maybe that’s why I keep them around so long.  They’re small and they don’t seem to take up too much space but I still have to pick them up.  I feel like getting rid of them won’t make much of a difference but there’s so many!  It has to be making a difference.

I have 3 books here.  I’ve been picking up books lately because they look interesting but as I’ve said before, I’m a very slow reader.  One book could take me months to read.  Since I haven’t touched any of these books, well, ever, I think it’s time to let them go to someone else.  I have plenty here that I really do want to read and I have to stay realistic about how long it will be before getting through them.

I thought about keeping the knee high nylons but then I remembered that 10 year old elastic usually disintegrates.  There’s more hair ties, little kid scissors, bead necklace, some old ibuprofen and other small random things.  I’m glad to see this all go.  I don’t want to pick any of it up ever again.

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Letting Go of a Few Books

  1. I am like you; I think it is the small things that accumulate most over time. For some reason they are good at escaping our eyes. It must feel good not to have them around anymore 🙂 As per books, I fully hear you. I got rid of around 300 books in the last 2 years and have a big bag full of new ones to be donated. I have not read these books in years and it is time that they are enjoyed bu others. all the best with your inspiring decluttering journey! 🙂

    1. Wow!! That’s a lot of books!! Getting rid of those little things doesn’t have a big impact but I feel better knowing they are gone.

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