Day 39 The Never-ending Mound of Papers

August is turning out to be the paper month apparently!!  Unfortunately, there’s lots more!  What?!?!  I don’t have a paper problem.  I’m great at getting rid of paper.  I’m actually really surprised at all this paper clutter.  I thought I tamed this monster years ago.  The worst thing is that they’re so boring!

Now that I’ve gone through most of the mountain that had piled up on the other couch, I was able to peek behind it yesterday.  I put a lot of stuff back there at Christmas last year and haven’t touched it since.  But when I peeked, I saw at least 2 big bags of papers back there.  I’m dreading pulling them out because I’m really getting sick of going through papers.  Maybe I’ll save them for last!

day 39 declutter challenge

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