Day 41 Receipts and More

Papers.. need I say more?

day 41 decluttering challenge

5 thoughts on “Day 41 Receipts and More

  1. It’s funny I should see this post about papers. Yesterday I was looking for something and opened up a file I hadn’t looked at in a while. I was shocked at all the useless and unnecessary crap that had accumulated unchecked – like receipts for car repairs on a vehicle I owned almost 17 years ago!! The 20 minutes I spent going through that file and ditching all the junk in there was worth it!

    No, I didn’t find what I was looking for :/

    1. Wow! 17 years! I’m sure I have lots of those around too. I have an old file cabinet that’s been up in my attic room since we moved into our house 19 years ago that already had things in it from probably the 5-10 years before that and we’ve just never touched it. Someday… lol

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