Day 42 The Socks

SOCKS!!! Just when I start thinking that I’m never going to get past all the papers, out pops more socks!  There’s definitely too many socks! It’s like a bad dream.  Everywhere I turn there’s more.  And I’m not sure which is more boring: the socks or the papers.

I asked my son if he wanted some of the black ones because occasionally he needs to dress up.  He said yes and then promptly set them down next to himself on the couch.  When he left, he didn’t take them.  So guess where they are.  They are in the garbage with the rest of these.

day 41 decluttering challenge

6 thoughts on “Day 42 The Socks

    1. Lol!!!! Maybe your missing ones always ended up at my house!!! I swear I’ve thrown away more than a thousand or maybe even two thousand over the years. It’s been a joke at my house for many years. My mom used to come over to try to help and she would get so frustrated with the big laundry baskets full of unmatched socks! She’s the one that got me to finally just start throwing them all away.

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