Day 44 Party Bag and Pretty Paper

I was sitting here wondering if I will ever get to the point of more things going out of the house than coming in on a regular basis and it made me laugh.  Visions of stacks of mail, leftover 4-H craft supplies, horse and household supplies all went through my head.  It’s hopeless.  Ok, not really!  I’m going to beat the clutter!

When I get to day 50, I’m going to total up the days so far.  5,000 things by the end of the year is totally do-able and I’m not worried about reaching that goal.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could get to 6,000?  I might just aim for it!

Mind Blown!

When I’m posting normal decluttering posts, I like to end them from the perspective of how many fewer things that I will ever have to pick up again.  The thought of never having to pick up 5,000 things again is mind boggling!!  That number is huge!  But it’s for real.. I actually had to touch these 3,000 some things to put them in the buckets and bags that I’m finding them in.  Every piece of paper and every toy, hair tie, and sock was touched at least once but probably more!

6 thoughts on “Day 44 Party Bag and Pretty Paper

  1. It seems like an unending task trying to declutter! And you are right, it’s so important to control what COMES IN too! I really think twice about what I buy now.

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