Day 49 Games and Electronics

A Good Start to the Basement

Remote control car, games and other random electronics are just the tip of the iceberg downstairs.

3 thoughts on “Day 49 Games and Electronics

  1. don’t you hate/love that you are being forced to go through this area?!? I had such mixed feelings at the time but I am so glad we did. Like you, our disaster struck after we had been decluttering for a while. It made the disaster cleanup/decluttering so much easier. We didn’t agonize over every item like we did in the beginning.

    Hope your disaster is almost done being repaired.

    1. Yes and no. I’m a little worried about what I’m breathing in. I love that I’m getting stuff out but I’m freaking out that I’m breathing mold in. I have to put a mask on like purpleslobinrecovery suggested but I didn’t have one on the first few days.

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