Day 51 Fun Things

The lone socks aren’t that much fun but most of the other stuff is.  I have cases for 2 Katamari games.  These were really fun games that I used to play all the time.  You’re a little guy who pushes around a sticky ball that picks everything up as it moves. You start out with little tiny things like paperclips, tacks, and pieces of gum.  The more you pick up, the bigger the ball gets. Eventually, as the levels progress, the ball gets big enough to pick up cows, horses, cars and buildings.  I think there’s even a level where you pick up stars and planets.  I have the game on my phone now so I don’t play these anymore.

Letting Go of More Toys

A few of the other things are the gang from the Clifford books, Mrs. ClausM & M, a Magic Treehouse book, and some little toy horses.  There is a lone glove too which also isn’t much fun.  That’s it for this batch of 18 things!

decluttering challenge

4 thoughts on “Day 51 Fun Things

  1. We may need to rethink your clutter issue – maybe it’s because of special forces in the universe that take lone items and sends them (somehow!) through space and time to land in your basement or living room.

    Ok people, keep your socks (and gloves) together! Jen is trying to remove the clutter and your lone items are messing her up!

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