Day 62 – Nothing Important in this Bunch

Another Santa hat and some worn out boots, a pitcher, dried up paint and a candle.  There’s also a couple little flower pot and a weather thing.  There’s a couple other things too that make it 18 for the day.

I think that I decided that I need to get to day 112 by the end of the year. That will make 2018 things.  It’s going to be more than that by the end of the year but I’ll change it up once I meet that goal.  I’m over half way there and it’s getting super easy now.  I got rid of a lot more today but I will post those over the next few days.

decluttering day 62

3 thoughts on “Day 62 – Nothing Important in this Bunch

    1. Yes! It’s amazing! It’s like I’m finally realizing that if I haven’t used it in at least 5 years, I really don’t need it. And there’s only been a handful of things that I’ve thought, I could use that thing I got rid of!

      The other amazing thing is how much easier it is to clean when you actually have some place to put things!! I can’t get over how quickly things are cleaning up over here.

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