Wish I Could Take a Day Off to Declutter

The decluttering effort at my house is very slow right now.  My living room is slowly filling up or at least it was.  I’ve gotten two boxes together that I’ll be taking to a donation place in the next day or two.  I listed a few things on eBay too.  I told myself that if they didn’t sell, they were being donated.  Most of the auctions have ended and none have sold.  No one else wants these things either so I’m going to put them in the donation boxes.

There were quite a few Hallmark ornaments.  Some of them are really cute but I have no connection to them.  They’re ones that my mom got from someone, didn’t want them, so then she gave them to me.  That’s been one of my biggest problems – people giving me things that I don’t need.  She may have given them to me because she thought maybe I could make a few dollars by selling them but I don’t want to keep relisting them over and over.  I called her yesterday and asked if I could get rid of them if they didn’t sell.  At first she said she wanted them back but then since she couldn’t even remember which ones they were, she told me that I could donate them.  I’m glad she made that decision.

Here’s a couple of the ornaments

See, they’re cute but I don’t need them.  We have enough ornaments and each one we put on our tree has a special meaning to it.

Recently, my manager told me that I should take a few days off because I’m getting too many vacation days built up.  I told her that wouldn’t be a problem.  I’d be happy to take a few days off!

3 thoughts on “Wish I Could Take a Day Off to Declutter

    1. Now that’s a good thought! I hope that someone gets them who loves them 🙂 I feel better now putting them in the box to go.

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