Flash Update


This was Flash’s hospital room.

Flash is out of the hospital and back home again.  He’s doing okay.  Not great yet.  Not out of the woods yet.  But he’s better.

I didn’t go see him tonight because I needed a break and with him being quarantined, it’s not like I could do anything for him.  I wish I could have kept him at the hospital until we got the test results back which will hopefully be tomorrow.  Actually it will only be the preliminary results but at least we’ll have some idea of what’s going on.

I’m just feeling so sad today.  I don’t like the situation that my horse is in. The barn is trying to be nice but cautious at the same time and it’s just making me feel horrible.  I haven’t taken him anywhere in two months or had anyone over and somehow they are making me feel like this is all my fault because I took him on one trail ride back in October.

Wish us luck that all the test results come back negative.  Then he’ll only need to be alone for another week or two.


5 thoughts on “Flash Update

    1. While he was being checked over for the colic, they found this other thing and yes it’s communicable. He’s been through a lot in the last 3 days. They won’t let me take him out of the pen. I’m worried he’s going to colic again from the stress.

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