Good News For Tank!!

It’s not all good news but it could’ve been much worse!  Tank the barn cat got his leg caught in some chair slats on New Year’s Eve.  Once we got it out, it swelled up and then he started licking it.  When my daughter sent me video of him yesterday, I knew that I had to get him to the vet today.  I’m so glad I took him in!

His leg had gotten infected from all the licking.  Once it was infected, it hurt to walk on it so he started dragging his foot which caused an abscess to form on the top of his foot.  They needed to clean up his leg and drain the abscess but once they got it open, they realized that there was just too much dead skin and tissue so they had to amputate one of his toes.

Not only did they take care of all the infection on his leg and foot but they also neutered him and gave him a bunch of shots.  Poor kitty!  That’s a lot to have done all at once!  He’s not very happy with us tonight but tummy rubs and food are helping to heal the wounds.  He’s a little trooper!  And thankfully his hip is fine!

Now comes the tough part.  My kids and I are all kind of attached to him already and now my friend wants to come look at him tomorrow.  She really thinks she wants him.  I already have 3 cats and I don’t need another one which is why she said she would take him in the first place.  I just keep telling the kids that if it doesn’t work out at her house, we’ll keep him and we will.  He doesn’t have to worry about going back to the barn.



5 thoughts on “Good News For Tank!!

  1. I’m glad he is ok! It’s so tough to let them go live somewhere else sometimes, even when it’s the right thing. <3

  2. I adopted one of my sister’s/nieces’ cats last year when he got himself into a scrape and needed somewhere new to call home. All recovered, minus a couple of scars, he’s a happy little man. I’m sure Tank will be just fine and the kids can be happy he’ll be well looked after.

    1. That’s good to know! He’s so grouchy today that I’m worried he’s going to be very angry with humans after all of this. He keeps growling at us but he hasn’t tried to bite or scratch so I think he’s just in a lot of pain yet. When we get him comfortable, he loves getting his tummy rubbed which is really cute.

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