Cleaning Up Just a Little Bit at a Time

Christmas is almost here!  And all the family and friends that come with it!! The best thing is that I’m still not panicking!  I thought that I might be by now because it’s Thursday and Christmas Eve is on Sunday but I’m fine.  Sure, there’s stuff that needs to be done and I didn’t get my cards sent out but there isn’t an overwhelming mess here.  I’ve been doing a little bit everyday and that’s been enough.  Going upstairs makes me twitch a little bit but I can deal with that after Christmas.  There’s no need to worry about it before Christmas.

My front porch is a little bit embarrassing but that’s it.  I haven’t managed to find a way to keep it cleaned out yet.  There’s not organization and I have a bad habit of throwing things out there.  There’s too much furniture and not enough storage.  I think that I’m going to need to get every single thing out of there next summer and do something totally different with the space.  That will be one of my goals for the new year.  I’ll spend a couple months searching for ideas.


4 thoughts on “Cleaning Up Just a Little Bit at a Time

  1. I bet your embarrassment is less on one hand and more on the other. I quit sending out cards about 10 years ago. It was just too stressful and was an easy thing to eliminate. I have a cousin who sends her holiday cards at random holidays depending on what is going on in her life. We get one at some point during the year. I may adopt that when I retire!

    1. I thought about doing that last year but the whole year went by and no cards ever went out! Maybe this year but I won’t hold my breath!

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