So Much Stuff in the Living Room

I would really love to say that once I got my living room decluttered the first time it stayed that way but that’s not what happened.  As usual, the mounds of things built back up again.  It took a long time but there’s a mountain right in the center of the room.  Well, I have 3 days off and I’m going to tackle it!  I’ll be getting rid of as much as possible and making sure that the things I keep have a place.

No one in the family thinks I can finish it in 3 days but I’m hopeful.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot and there’s a lot more to get rid of.  Cleaning it up goes much faster when there’s not as much stuff.  I’m ready!  I might post pics when I’m done but right now, I just can’t get myself to do it but I can’t believe it got this bad again.  I’m quite embarrassed by it but I want people to know that this decluttering takes time and a set back is just a set back.

I’ll be back later with some updates!

6 thoughts on “So Much Stuff in the Living Room

    1. I definitely notice a difference when I go to clean up and it goes much quicker but walking through the house looking at all the stuff still here makes me feels like I’ve barely made a dent.

  1. I’m trying to do that too!! We had to go to the store today for Raid, babies’ bathing suits, bike shorts for the littlest, and a purse for me. the one I got 2 months ago at the thrift shop, started peeling like a banana! I got one on clearance. But the color will shock everyone! I will post about it soon!

  2. Exactly: a set back is just a set back.
    I’ve decluttered so many times. And I still have so much to go. My mind set is changing, I think. I’m not so eager to go shopping anymore!! Today I have to go get my meds, then go buy a few new sippy cups, (we forgot them in the van, and I can’t get the valves clean. Yuck!!) and I’m dreading going to the store….

    1. Ugh shopping…that’s a whole other thing. I rarely go to the store anymore. I definitely look through my house first before going to the store for something.

  3. It’s like stopping smoking – it generally doesn’t happen overnight, but with persistence it does happen, with a few setbacks along the way……………

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