Organizing It All

I realize that a big part of the disaster in my house stems from not having enough storage space which has caused everything to be in a constant state of chaos.  Everything has to be sitting out all the time because there’s no place to put it.

Yes, there is still way too much stuff in my house so that’s where I’m starting – decluttering.   But organizing needs to go hand in hand with that or else I will end up in the exact same place that I started.  I know this because I’ve tried to clear the house out before and failed, only to see it buried under the hoards of stuff a few months later.

I realized that this time something huge had to change in order for this to work. I’ve been happy with the big changes that I’ve made so far and I’m hoping that I’ve taken enough pictures to show you the way.  It’s been a very slow process.  I wish I could speed it up but changes take time.