Procrastinating on the Front Porch

I planned to spend the day working on my front porch.  I have some plans for it but it’s loaded with a random selection of clutter that needs to be dealt with.

Certain things always go out there, like all the horse tack, but there’s some stuff that I just don’t know what to do with so I put it out there.  It’s also the place where all the stuff that I want to get rid of goes before making it’s way to the car.

clutter filled front porch

The stuff has been piling up for a few months now.  It’s way too cold out there during the winter to do anything besides open the door and throw more out there.  Now that it’s a little warmer, it’s time to clean it up.  It’s getting hard to get into the house.  The pathway is down to about 2 feet wide so when you’re carrying things, it’s hard to navigate your way through.

I procrastinated all day long because a lot came up that I wasn’t expecting.  I took a little nap this evening so now it’s time to start working on it.  I started on the left side and brought it all into the house.  Probably not the best idea but since it’s so late and getting cold outside, I thought it would be better this way.

cleaning the front porch

Now I have a huge pile in my living room.

cleaning up the front porch

I see lots of things that I can get rid of already.  I’m debating about the Little Tikes School Bus.  I want to get rid of it.  I”m just not sure if it’s something to give away or something to sell. I think I’m going to decide in the morning. The purple ting was supposed to be for in the horse trailer but we’ve never used it and don’t plan on it.  There’s also a driving harness for a bigger pony than the one we have. I was going to sell it but one of the pieces need a repair.

I could use the money from selling a few things but I think the need to get rid of some things quickly might outweigh that.  I’m hoping that I can finish this tomorrow.  Even if I only get half of the porch done tomorrow, it will be better than none of it! I’ll get started in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Procrastinating on the Front Porch

    1. Yes! It’s much faster than dealing with the packaging and shipping if it’s being mailed and much quicker than making arrangements for some random people to come over and pick it up if you post it locally – which can also be a little creepy! LOL!

  1. Wow that was a lot of stuff in that porch! But, I can see just how a lovely space it would be if it was empty… I see the sun out through the window and think “hey, if this spot had a window seat I could sit out here and read a book…” 😉 I have plans for my porch too, but it’s only just big enough for the door to open into… although the previous owner managed to find space to leave a gallon of engine oil and a bottle of screen wash.

    1. LOL! Believe it or not, there’s actually a glider chair out there! It’s on the right side. Once in awhile I dig it out and sit out there for a few weeks until it gets buried again. This time, I need to find a way to make sure that doesn’t happen. I think I’ll look for a new chair and I would love to be able to take my laptop out there and relax when I get home from work.

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