A Few Minutes Here, A Few Minutes There and Progress!

A few minutes here and a few minutes there and voila! Progress!  I feel like I’m doing a good job with it but I wish you could tell a little bit more.  I don’t feel like I’m making much of a dent lately but I know there’s progress.  Well, here we go…

  • Halloween night light
  • Cell phone case
  • Make up bag
  • Holding the Ropes mug
  • Pack of little gift bags that say Baby on them
  • 2 candle holders
  • Brand new Corvette t-shirt
  • Wisconsin Badger t-shirt
  • Kids Power Super Snacks Recipe book
  • Kids Power Lunch Munch Recipe book
  • 2 Little Books

I have to stop and tell you about this quick..  I’m watching an episode of Hoarders as I’m doing my decluttering.  This episode has a man named Lonnie with a fabulous collection.  It’s really cool stuff.  It’s hard for me to watch him have to make the decisions to get rid of some of these things.  He has three houses full of millions of dollars of stuff.

One of the things that he agreed to get rid of were some red cowboy boots that belonged to Liberace.  They’re awesome.  I don’t know where this auction is but all they could get was $10. That one made me cringe so I’m sure it was really hard for him to watch that.  They were telling him, “See, no one wants your stuff.”  But I can’t believe they only got $10 for them because every pair of cowboy boots are marked at least $30 at the thrift stores around here.  Maybe they need to hire better auctioneers.  Or better yet, this guy needs to open his houses up to the public and charge admission.  It’s not a mess at the houses.. he has it all set up really fantastically.

And here’s a fun twist to the end that I didn’t see coming.. Matt Paxten bought the boots!  Yay!  And they said that Lonnie was going to open up his house during the next Nevada Days Celebration.  Lonnie, charge admission!

And now back to my decluttering list…

  • Vest
  • Little lamp shade (I have no idea where the little lamp is or what it even looks like)
  • The case for a broken horse shaver
  • The shaver charger in the case
  • The charger cord
  • Shaver oil
  • 2 blade covers
  • Empty battery package
  • 2 foot piece of rope
  • Empty deodorant container
  • Tank top
  • Brand new balloon valance (why do I have so much brand new stuff?)
  • Christmas plaque (It’s nice but I don’t think it was taken down the last three years and I’m just sick of looking at it)
  • Daily Bugle case that holds some kind of Mega Bloks toys
  • Little toy sword
  • Last but not least, and something that might need to be pried from my hands, is a Sun Pantry Oven Fruit Dryer.  I got this with every intention of actually using it.  I was very excited but I’ve had it about 2 years now and do you think I’ve tried it yet?  No, I haven’t and this thing is pretty big.  It takes up a lot of space.  I was thinking of trying it this weekend and then deciding whether to keep it or not but I changed my mind and decided to just get rid of it.

That makes 30 Things Decluttered!

With a grand total so far of 2,364 things that I never have to pick up again! Now that’s what I call PROGRESS!!

(That number doesn’t even seem possible! I can’t wait to reach 2,500 in no time at all.  Yay for progress!)

8 thoughts on “A Few Minutes Here, A Few Minutes There and Progress!

    1. My mom has a friend who filled up her house with clutter so she had to move to an apartment. Then she filled that up and ended up sleeping in her car because she couldn’t get in the apartment anymore. How sad is that?

  1. I’m sorry, I ‘m still stuck on the boots!! $10??? For Liberace’s bootS??? Ya gotta be kiddin!! Yay Matt! Def sounds like Lonnie needs to sell tickets!! If he can afford 3 houses, and it’s all neat, and clean- what’s the problem here???

    1. I have no idea!! I didn’t see a problem. Oh wait.. it was the money that was the problem. He’s $750,000 in debt. But if he sells tickets, that could solve that problem. They sold 27 things at the auction and made $4,167.

      1. Oh, wow,,, That is a problem. And the fact that you and I didn’t see the problem, is part of our problem. lol
        Yes, tickets!! @7 things for $4K is a great start!! I’m still mad about the boots tho! 😉

        1. It was really cool! He could easily sell tickets LOL! No problem at all! He said he’s not selling anything else.

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