Bottlenecked in the House

I have stuff pulled out of everywhere right now.  My living room looks like a tornado went through it.  Thank goodness it didn’t.  My basement has bags and boxes waiting to come up.  My kitchen is still torn apart from the broken pipe.

Once everything is either put away or taken out of the house, I think it’s going to feel a lot less cluttered.  But right now, it’s hard to move around at all.  It’s more like an Olympic sport trying to climb over everything to get from room to room. Even finding a little spot to take my pics is getting hard.

I hope I can pull it all together once and for all! Soon!  Like, before Christmas.  I have a busy next couple of weeks though so it’s going to be hard but I’ll keep working away at it.  I’m glad it’s a short week at work.

The Basement, Storage Room, and the Front Porch

basement storageI have three areas in my house that are still jammed packed with a hoard of stuff.  These are the areas that give it away that I really am a hoarder.

The basement is probably the worst.  I don’t like going down there very often because my allergies go crazy.  I also have a hard time because there’s a lot of memory things in buckets.  There’s some shelves that we built years ago that are the perfect size for the buckets.  It used to be organized but now there’s so much stuff in front of them that they’re hard to get to.  I have no idea what’s in most of them.

The storage room is full but fine the way it is.  Well, it was until my daughter decided that she wants to move back home.  She’s only been gone two months so I’m not really ready for her to move back but she is.  She’s been over every night going through stuff with me so that she has a place to stay.  I told her that I don’t want her sleeping in my living room this time.  It’s been a struggle.  She wants me to throw it all away but I just can’t do it.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot already but I know that I’m still keeping too much.

The front porch doesn’t look any better than it did three months ago.  In fact, I think it’s much worse.  There’s so much horse stuff out there that I need to find a place to keep it.  I honestly don’t know how I’m ever going to dig it out again.  I think that it’s gotten to the point where the entire porch will need to get emptied out completely and then each thing brought back in one by one.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get rid of all of this stuff.  I would love to do a free table but I’m having a hard time letting things go lately.  I wish I could find someone to set it up for me so that I couldn’t change my mind on anything.  Maybe I could convince my mom and my daughter to do that for me.

Since I am out of room everywhere, these three areas needed to be cleaned out sooner rather than later.  I’ll keep working on it but I really need to pick up the pace.

Where did the clear spot in the basement go?

It’s amazing how quickly the clear spots fill up!  This is good and bad.  It’s great that the boys are finally letting go of some of the stuff they’ve been holding onto.  Not so great that it takes up so much space and it’s physically hard stuff to get rid of.  Some of these computers are really big and heavy.  The city garbage people don’t pick these kinds of things up either so you have to hope that the metal pickers grab them.  The only other thing you can do is hide them in your garbage bags but again, some of them are really big.

This is what it looked like:


This is what it looks like right now:


It’s like a computer museum in my basement.  This pile is huge!  Just look at all the space that will be freed up once these are out.  Yay!!! The boys were having second thoughts about getting rid of them all so I told them to keep a few if they wanted.  They ended up deciding on their own that they need to get rid of them.  There’s too many and not enough time in the day to do anything with all these.  A few friends were called and I was told that it might take about two weeks for them to get rid of all of them.  What’s two more weeks when they’ve been down there for years?

Considering how overwhelmed I was when I first went down to the basement, I can’t believe how far we got.  I guess that’s how it works when everyone works on it together!   I think that we’re all really starting to appreciate the little empty spaces.  It’s also getting easier for everyone to see when something needs to be cleaned up.  I never thought that would happen!

What’s in the hoard in the basement?

My basement is one of the areas that still has a hoard.  It’s a hard one though because it’s a lot of stuff from when my kids were little.  Letting go of toys and baby clothes is really hard for me.  I don’t know what’s in a lot of the plastic tubs but I know that there’s two full of Christmas stuff and one that’s full of the twins preemie clothes.  I know there’s a few things from one of the great grandmas and another one full of the kids’ grade school artwork.

There’s so much stuff down there that it’s completely overwhelming.  The only time that I usually go downstairs is to do my laundry.  There’s so much stuff that it’s hard to walk around so I don’t.  Since I didn’t know where to start, I decided to tackle the easy job.

The Boxes in the Basement

boxes in the basementThe easiest thing to tackle was a pile of boxes.  There’s a box hoarder at my house so I think there’s hundreds of boxes stuffed in every corner of every room of the house.  But thankfully, as our de-hoarding continues, he’s starting to let them go.

Let me tell you why I hate these boxes so much.  Trying to get rid of them drives me crazy!! Each box needs to get broken down into the smallest pile of cardboard that you can make it.  This involves box cutters and muscle.  They can only be a certain size and they have to fit inside the recycling garbage can that the city provides.

The Old Laundry Chute

basement mess

Underneath all those boxes, there was the framework from the old laundry chute.  About a year and a half ago, we built the new laundry chute because the one that has been there since we moved in was falling apart.  It wasn’t holding laundry anymore so we had a huge mold problem on the floor.  The clothes all fall down the chute and land on the floor.  I love the new chute but after a year and a half, I think it’s about time that the old frame gets thrown away!  These are the things that baffle me.  Why didn’t I just throw it away as soon as it was off the wall?  Why has it been sitting in my basement for so long?

TA-DA!! One Tiny Basement Area Done!


Ahhh… I have a floor again!  I swept up a whole bunch of dust and other debris off the floor.  Under all those boxes there was one very big box full of mold.  One of the kids had put some wet laundry in it a few months ago which caused the mold to grow.  I threw most of the clothes away that were inside the box.  I’m very happy to see that one gone!  There were also quite a few socks on the floor and if they had any speck of mold on them, I threw them away.  Whoever they belong to obviously isn’t missing them.

I’m glad that I did this today.