Update on the Water in the Basement

Wow this is stressful!  I’ve probably said it before but my basement is way worse than I keep telling myself it is.  I went down there and found a small-ish puddle of water.  The first thing I did was fill up an entire garbage bag in about 5 minutes so the water could start drying up.  I couldn’t get in very far but I’ll come back to that.

Then I saw a couple of buckets that I’ve been meaning to look into so I started going through those.  There were some cute kid clothes in there but they smelled all musty so out they go.  I couldn’t quite get to the bottom bucket so I had to pull it out and that’s where the nightmare was.  More water.  The biggest problem is that I don’t know if this water is the water from last night or if there’s another problem somewhere.

In the meantime, while I was moving things around, I filled up another two big garbage bags in about 20 minutes.  Have you ever met a box hoarder?  I have one living here and there has to be a couple hundred boxes down there.  There’s empty boxes and boxes with little accessories in them everywhere.  I should’ve taken some pics before I started because I’ve already made a dent down there.

Yes!  You read that right!  I made a dent in about an hour!  It really is possible to get better at this!  It’s still a mess though so I will get some before pics.  My allergies are going crazy so I have to take breaks often.

Words That A Hoarder Never Wants to Hear

I took one of the kids to see Spider-Man tonight (good movie by the way!) and sometime during the movie, I got a text from home.  A PIPE BROKE.  Those are horrible words to hear when you know that a hoarder spends most of their time in the basement.  I couldn’t deal with it tonight and I have to work tomorrow but as soon as I get home, that’s where I’ll be headed.  I guess I’ll get lots of my challenge days done at once!  Oh well, it’s good timing because I was just about caught up anyways.

I’ll update this more tomorrow when I’m able to assess the damage.