After a Long Break From the Decluttering Project

4,031 Things


by the end of 2017


That’s where I left off in my decluttering journey shortly before Christmas.  But I needed a long break.  I didn’t put any pressure on myself to keep going on the decluttering project.  I knew that soon enough I would be back at it, when I was ready.  Once in a while I would start to think about it but just didn’t really feel like it.

Until I woke up the other day….

and it popped in my head
The Quick Six

Yep, that was really the thought.. The Quick Six.  So I grabbed a pile of clothes and found 6 things to get rid of.  It was quick.  But it didn’t stop there.  The kids have been moving rooms and had the upstairs hallway full of stuff.  I brought most of it to the living room and starting going through it.  I was aiming for 18 but had no problem surpassing that goal within a few minutes.  It didn’t take long and I stopped when I didn’t feel like working on it any more.  In those few minutes it took, I got rid of all of this:

  • Keyboard
  • Forest Hotel book
  • 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents book
  • Drive Me Crazy DVD
  • Bhagavad Gita book
  • One Door Away from Heaven book
  • Mighty Moustache
  • Bearcat Scanner box (I should probably look to see if the scanner is in there huh?)
  • Fish coin purse
  • Belt
  • Toy lion
  • Hood from a coat with a broken zipper
  • Breath freshener spray bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • 6 erasers
  • 1 pair of socks
  • Hot Wheels track connector
  • 6 pens/pencils
  • 2 Popsicle sticks
  • 14 clothing articles (My daughter’s favorite shirt was in this pile.  It’s too small for her and I was willing to keep it because I know she loves it so much.  But…. she said, “No, get rid of it.  It doesn’t fit and I’ll try to wear it somewhere and it will rip in front of everyone so just get rid of it.”  I know this was really hard for her because she has the hoarder tendencies so I was very happy that she was able to let it go.)
  • 3-D glasses
  • 3 socks
  • Bird bath
  • Bird toy
  • Water bottle
  • Play-doh
  • Light bulb
  • 20 school papers
  • Cupcake ring
  • Littlest Pet Shop toy
  • Pirouli container
  • Shoe lace
  • Hair tie

84 more things that I never have to pick up again!

4,115 Total!!

5,000 is going to come quickly this year!  I can tell!


So long, clutter!!


The Biggest Benefits of Decluttering

Over the last few weeks, I have truly reaped the benefits of my 2017 decluttering efforts.
  1.  The holidays were much less stressful this year.  Instead of worrying about my house the whole time I had company, I was able to relax and spend time with everyone.  That was the best!  My baby granddaughter was here for the first time and it was great! I didn’t worry about her getting into anything at all.
  2. Work has been extra stressful and not having to come home to a disaster helps a lot!  I find it so stressful when I work all day and then come home and all I see is a mess everywhere.  It’s like looking at weeks of work waiting for me.
  3. The kids have had friends over to visit.  The twins have never been able to have many friends over because of the mess.  I only wish that I had done this years ago.  They’re almost out of school so it’s a little late for it but at least they’ve had a few over this year so far.
  4. I think this last one is my favorite.  When I brought Tank the injured cat home, I was able to let my friend from work in to meet him.  Even though we decided to keep him, there may be other injured cats that need homes and it’s nice when I can have people over to meet them.
  5. There’s one more that I just thought of.  I’ve been able to do a lot more cooking.  I love cooking but I haven’t had any counter space in a long time.  Tonight, I was able to make dinner for a friend and her family. They are having a hard time right now so I’m trying to help them out.  It would’ve been too stressful to do it a year ago.

This Christmas is So Different!

IMG_6732This is the first Christmas in a long time that I have a place to dash ‘n stash things!  If you don’t know, what I mean by that is I can clear out my main floor by taking things and stashing them away in different areas.  My house has been so hoarded up for years that there was no place to move anything to.  Trying to get ready for Christmas was so stressful!

I’m doing okay this year.  I still haven’t mailed out Christmas cards but I’ve actually bought some presents already.  Quite a few actually.  The tree has been up for about 2 weeks.  My living room is company ready!  Not perfect by any means but good enough to have people over and that’s what matters most.  And I’m hoping to make some cookies tomorrow!  I’m even getting rid of some of my extra (new) Tupperware by using it for Christmas presents.

My son and his family are coming soon and I can’t wait!  They’re very concerned about the baby getting into things here. What they don’t know is that the last time that I visited them, I thought their house was kind of a mess! Hahaha!  They have baby toys covering the floor and I thought, what a mess!  Then I thought, wow, I must really be making progress at my own house if theirs looks messy to me.

I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely!  And if you’re feeling the stress that I usually feel, then big hugs to you!  It can get better and it will.. it just takes some time (sometimes, like in my case, a lot of time.)  I’m sitting here tonight watching Hallmark movies instead of freaking out that Christmas is only 9 days away.  I never thought I would get this far.



You’re Never Going to Believe This! Days 68 – 82

I found another basket full of socks!!

It was a whole basket full of socks plus another bag.  You won’t believe how many more that I got rid of today! My pics are all in sets of 18 socks that are in the garbage can outside already.  Most of them are plain white socks so the pics aren’t very exciting!














#14 – There’s only 6 socks in this batch and the rest is other things that I found in the basket – except for the Dorothy costume.  That came out of the washer but I’m getting rid of it.

So, I added 14 much needed days to my challenge.  I’m getting a little bit behind so this will help me get caught up.  I got rid of a total of 240 socks and 12 other things for a total of 252!! And they are already out of the house!

Now for the updated counts.  They got messed up somewhere along the way.

I have to make a correction from my count on Day 50.  I think that I double counted days 1-25 so that put me back to 3,419 as of day 50.

So, here we are on Day 82.  That’s 32 more days of 18 things each or 576 things.

GRAND TOTAL is now 3,995 things that never have to be picked up again.  (I can’t believe that I missed 4,000 by 5 things.  Oh well, the next “day” will get me there!)

I don’t think I’m going to get to 5,000 by the end of 2017 but I’m much closer than I was a few months ago.  I’ll keep trying and you just never know what might happen.  Who knows? There could be another basket of socks hiding somewhere!


Day 64

I don’t mind loading the dishwasher but I hate unloading it.  I save that job for the kids but they don’t care for it much either.  We all agreed that the hardest thing about unloading the dishwasher is finding a place to put the clean dishes.  They weren’t fitting in the cabinets! It’s getting easier now since I got rid of lots this week!

decluttering challenge

Day 18 The Single Gloves and a Handful of Markers

day 18 decluttering challengeI wonder where the other gloves are…

Stray socks and gloves are OUT!  I don’t have time or enough energy to match them all up so if their pair is missing, oh well.  I’m going to keep getting rid of them. I’m also getting rid of markers, a comb, some bottles of bubbles and a pencil.  I’m done playing around, this stuff has got to go!


Day 10 of Bedroom Decluttering. Was it enough?

I think this is day 10 of decluttering my bedroom.  I’m getting very close to 500 things that I’ve let go.  I was hoping to get to at least 500 by this weekend so we’ll see in a little bit.  Last night, as I was working on it, I looked around and thought… I could start over right now and find another 500 things to get rid of.  It’s certainly much better than when I started but I can’t believe how much is still in there.  I’m pretty sure that I could fill up almost my whole truck right now with all of the bags and boxes ready to be donated.

Here’s the list for the weekend. Is it enough to get to 500?

  • Blue velour pajamas
  • Brown pants
  • Pajama top
  • Red fleece shirt
  • Green shorts
  • Pajama pants
  • Pink top
  • Black top
  • Hippie top
  • Yellow shorts
  • Pink pajama top
  • Light blue pajama top
  • New York hoodie
  • Flower gift bag
  • Teddy bear gift bag
  • Joy gift bag
  • Snowman gift bag
  • Tissue paper
  • Piece of wrapping paper
  • Snow ball maker
  • Side of a computer
  • Pillow covered in cat hair
  • Mattress cover
  • Body pillow
  • Green shirt
  • Blue pants
  • Black skirt
  • Some weird fruity short set
  • Gray T-shirt
  • Room divider for a tent
  • Bag of mints from last Christmas
  • 6 single socks (can’t forget those!)
  • Messed up tie
  • Sheet music
  • The other shoe that I found in the beginning
  • 3 Ninjas VHS tape
  • Leather Blackberry holder
  • Blue lantern (that I think I might keep..yea take this off the list)
  • Little tube of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
  • Tips, hints and shortcuts for a cell phone
  • Little M&M notepad
  • Brown velour pajama set
  • Denim capris
  • Pair of jeans
  • Hello Kitty Nintendo DS Case (this is going on eBay)
  • Flowery comforter
  • Really cute light purple hoodie with paw prints on the front
  • Pair of slippers
  • Zipper pouch

This was a pretty boring list but that’s 53 things to get rid of… did I make it??? Oh wait, I’m keeping the lantern so it’s only 52!

Total Bedroom Decluttering After Day 10 = 509 Things!!!

bedroom decluttering

bedroom decluttering day 10

bedroom decluttering day 10

I’m so so so excited!  I actually did it!  I made it to 500 things in 10 days of decluttering!

Unfortunately, I just missed my other goal of getting to 2,000 things in the whole house. But I’m really close…

Grand Decluttering Total = 1,996 Things that I never have to pick up again!!

I think that I might have to find 4 more things in my bedroom to get rid of before I go to bed tonight.  Or maybe I’ll go to 14 days of decluttering in that room.  That would probably make the most sense.

I haven’t really decided what area I’m doing next so this will give me a few more days to think about it.  This week was looking a little less busy but that’s all changed.  It’s another busy week with things going on almost every night.

The Never Seen Before Picture of the Living Room

After pic of living room

This is one of the After Pics. It’s taken a year to get it like this.

It’s taken me a year to get the living room to the point where I’m not embarrassed to let anyone in. Even though I’ve gotten rid of over 1,300 things, there’s still way too much stuff in here. Early in the decluttering process, I was wondering how other people could have things but not have a disaster like I did. I realized that I didn’t have any storage closets or any place to put things. If I was ever going to change things, I would need to get rid of as much as possible and then find a place to keep the things I wanted.

After thinking about it for awhile, I decided to add shelves along the back wall of my living room with the additional plan of putting up a wall to hide it all.  I was going to make it like a pantry so I could keep mostly kitchen things and random living room things in there.  It hasn’t quite turned out the way I wanted.  There’s no wall up yet so you see all these shelves when you first come in the house.  Not exactly a clutter free look.  So, I’m thinking of putting up a curtain or something before Christmas, just to block the view of it.  Here’s the pic with all the shelves on the other side of the room.

After pic of living room

This is the other After Pic with all the shelves.  They hold a lot!

When I sit here and look at those shelves, I’m sure that I can get rid of more things.  There’s still so much decluttering left.  Now that I’ve put most things in the rooms they belong, I feel like it will be easier to let some of it go.  The real trick is to not slow down now.  If I slack at all at this point, I feel like the clutter could easily take over again.  There’s not enough storage for everything and a few new things would be enough to tip it in clutter’s favor.

I’ve posted pics of small areas of some of the piles of clutter but I’ve never posted a pic of the whole living room before in it’s hoarder state.  It’s extremely embarrassing and I probably shouldn’t post it but I want anyone who is feeling hopeless to know that it can be cleaned up.  I can’t lie and say it’s easy or fun because it’s not.  It’s really hard which is why it takes so long.  Letting go of good and bad memory reminders is emotionally draining.  Some days it’s physically hard moving things around.  And it’s always time consuming figuring out the best ways to get rid of things.

The Before Picture of the Living Room

Well, here it is.  Ready to see it?  I’m not! And yes, it’s small on purpose.  Nobody needs to see a great big pic of this mess!
before pic of living room

On the right of the chair in the middle of the room, there was a small path that we used to get through.  That’s the only place in the pic that you can see the old ugly carpeting that was in the room.  I love my new floors.  It’s made such a difference.

I also painted two of the walls yellow which really brightened up the room.  You can’t see it in the before pic, but where there’s some light curtains on the double windows, there were some really dark curtains hanging up.  It’s much brighter and happier in the room now.  I love being in here and I don’t always have that feeling of wanting to be somewhere else.

Day 3 of the 21 Day Decluttering Challenge

I was reading one of declutteringthestuff’s post about a 21 day decluttering challenge that Anne @MinimalistSometimes had posted and thought it sounded interesting!

There’s a plan for the decluttering challenge that goes like this – day 1, get rid of 1 thing, day 2, 2 things, and so on for 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks, you’ll have gotten rid of 231 things.  As you might know, I need to make more progress than that at this point in my decluttering so I’m just getting rid of as much as I can.  I’ve never counted the number of items that I’m getting rid of before so this will be lots of fun!!

I’m skipping ahead to day 3 which would be a total of 6 things by now.  I’ve already surpassed that in 10 minutes.

Here’s the first decluttering batch:


  • 4 shirts, 1 really cute dress and 1 Falcons sweatshirt
  • Toy milk truck
  • Christmas cassette tape
  • Kids safey scissors
  • A Playstation 2 Neopets game
  • Lilo & Stitch dvd
  • First pillow that my daughter quilted (ouch, hard to give it up but she said to let it go so I am)

That’s 13 so far!  But that’s not enough…

On to the next batch:

declutter challenge

  • Lite-Brite
  • 4 Santa Hats
  • Hair brush
  • 1 nice pair of socks
  • 2 grubby socks
  • Rainbow horse tail bag
  • 1 CD with 1 million recipes on it
  • Merry Christmas sign
  • Santa Beard
  • Curtain
  • 8 bows and ribbons that we put in our pony’s mane at Christmas
  • Crumpled roll of wrapping paper
  • 1 shirt in the picture
  • 22 shirts that aren’t in the picture

That makes 46 for this batch and I’m done for today.

Here’s the stats so far:

Day 3:  59 things!!

Taking the time to stop, count, and take pics is slowing things down a bit but that’s okay.  Once the challenge is done, I’ll go back to just getting rid of things as fast as possible.

I had brought three buckets down from the storage room today and have already gotten rid of a little more than one.  I’m thinking that the next two are going to be a little harder but I’m hoping that I can get all three buckets down to one by tomorrow night.

I Shouldn’t Have Touched the Front Porch

I knew I shouldn’t have tried to work on the front porch tonight.  My plan of working on it Saturday night hadn’t worked out so I should have left it for next weekend.  Instead, I decided to go ahead and start on it.  I only got a little bit done and now my entire living room is full of porch clutter.

Here’s what the porch looks like now.  The first picture is after I moved everything into my living room.  The second picture is the before pic.  It’s hard to tell that it’s the same corner but you can tell that it is if you look at the red bridle bag hanging by the window.  And yes, those saddles were under all that stuff.  You can see the horn on the western saddle sticking out a little bit. The porch is stacked almost 4 feet high with everything under the sun like that sledding tube, a hose, a cereal holder and lots more.

I think these are some of the most embarrassing pictures that I’ve posted so far. You can really see the hoarding in these pictures.  It’s just piles of STUFF.  Why is there never any organization?  It’s going to take a few more months before this porch really gets cleared out but the more that I get rid of, the easier it gets.

Here’s a few pics of the other corner on that side of the front porch.  You can see the glider chair now!!  There’s still a lot of things on it but at least you can see it.  Before it was completely buried.  If there were shelves or a cabinet or something like that in there, things could finally get organized.

The stuff on the chair is all ready to be gotten rid of. I just can’t get myself to take it to St. Vinny’s or Goodwill.  There’s a lot of brand new stuff in there.  Selling it is a huge hassle too so I think I want to go with the free table method of giving it away.  Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait until the weekend.  It will just have to stay piled up until then.

This is only one side of the front porch and there’s still a lot of stuff that I haven’t cleaned up yet.  The other side is stacked at least 3 or 4 feet high too.  I’ll do a little bit everyday.  I can’t wait to see the end result.  I’m hoping to make some nice improvements by Sunday.

Update:  It’s been a few months and the front porch is still a disaster.  I still haven’t found a way to organize anything and it’s still the catch all place for everything that comes in or out of the house.