Happy New Year’s Eve!!

This is the hourly forecast for New Year's Day 2018. These temps are fahrenheit.

This is the hourly forecast for New Year’s Day 2018. These temps are in Fahrenheit.

My New Year’s Eve hasn’t started exactly the way I was planning.  I needed to run to the barn this morning to feed the animals.  It’s excruciatingly cold outside so I was trying to make it quick.  There was nothing quick about it.  Everything takes forever when it’s this cold because everything is 100 times harder to do.

Thankfully, the horses were all fine.  They are handling the cold as if it’s the middle of summer.  In fact, horses do better in the cold than they do in the heat so they’re okay.  They have 17 different built in thermoregulatory mechanisms to keep themselves warm.

Gracie the Pig

The other animals, however, are not doing so well.  The pig is freezing to death.  She’s so cold that she’s shivering.  They put up a heat lamp for her and built her a little shelter inside her shelter.  I threw a bunch of hay in with her so she could burrow into it.  We’re still having a hard time keeping her water unfrozen.  There’s just no relief from the cold.

Sunny the Mini Horse

One of the mini horses had ice balls on her feet.  It’s very dangerous because they can slip when there’s ice on their feet so we couldn’t leave them.  We had to fix her feet before we left.  We held hand warmers on them until the ice finally let go.

Tank the Barn Cat

Lastly, our favorite barn cat got his leg caught in the back of a chair and couldn’t move.  It took us a little while to get his leg free and then it swelled up huge once we got it out.  We’re not sure how long he was there like that.  He was finally putting a little weight on his leg when we left but if he’s not much better when we get back, my daughter has offered to let him stay with her while he heals up.  If I need to take him to a vet, I will do that too.  He’s a wonderful cat.

Well, that’s how my day started!  I hope yours is going better!!