Update on the Front Porch

clutter front porch2

My porch doesn’t look much different today than it did last night but I feel much better about it.  I took a box of stuff to our St. Vincent de Paul store today.  I also took a few things to my mom’s house.  She’s always bringing stuff over here so it was my turn to take stuff to her house.

It’s so nice to be able to see out those windows again.  They were almost completely covered before.  Up near the door on the left side, there’s two more things that I will be getting rid of.  One is a small end table.  It’s really cute and I liked it a lot when I got it but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the living room now so out it goes.  The only reason that I didn’t put it out today for someone to take was because it’s raining and with it being wood, it would get wrecked.  There’s also a wooden sewing box that is kind of cool but it’s missing the screws on the handle and I never use it.  I had it next to my bed and when I pulled it out, it was covered with dust.  Time to let someone else get some use out of it. I’ll put both of those out on the curb tomorrow if it’s not raining.

The last thing that I got off the porch were some sleeping bags that I had borrowed from a friend last year.  She has a lot of kids too so we don’t get to see each other very often because we’re both so busy all the time and it’s not like I could ever let her into my house before either.  I’ve known her for a long time and I really like visiting with her so I decided to take the sleeping bags to her house today.  I’m so glad that I did.  We got caught up on a few things and made plans to meet again in a few weeks with some of our other friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Once again, decluttering has opened up some room in my life and let friendship back in.


The Mountain of Stuff

I’m starting on decluttering the mountain of stuff that’s occupying my dining room.  There’s no table or anything in there right now.  It’s just stuff.  I put it all in there so I could get it out of my living room because I was putting the new flooring in.

With this room, I’m starting very small because it’s one of those overwhelming places with so much stuff that it makes my head feel like it’s going to explode from thinking about it all too much.

I’m starting with two bucketfuls of stuff hoping to get it down to one bucket by the end of the night.


First, I dump it all out onto the floor:


How do you even begin with a pile like this?  It’s such an odd mix of things but I can see right away that some of it is just kids stuff that no one wants anymore.  They might want it if they see it but right now, right this minute, it’s all pretty much forgotten about which makes it easier for  me to let it go.  That’s a hard thing to do for a hoarder, wanted item or not.

Here’s a few things that I found in the buckets.  I got rid of the red View Master and the 4 moonlights.  The moonlights were neat but I’ve never actually put batteries in them and used them.  Good reason to get rid of them.  I can’t part with the Tupperware spice shakers or the wooden puzzles.  Maybe I should get rid of a puzzle or two.  I’m pretty sure that my kids will have kids someday but I think I’m hanging onto the memories of when I had these when I was little and using the future grandkids as an excuse.  I’ll have to think about these a little more.

So far, the get rid of bucket is over half full.  Yay!  The goal is to go through it all in the next 2 weeks.