Day 54 One Lonely Mitten and Some Old Wallpaper

I can’t believe how easy it’s getting to get rid of 18 things every day.  I remember when I started and it took me a couple hours to get to 18.  Now I usually end up with close to double that in less than a half hour.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been down in the basement the last few days.

Look at that cute mitten!  I love those mittens but I have no idea where the other one is.  The green thing in the middle is a cut out of one of my kids’ hands.  It made an antler for a reindeer decoration.  Thankfully, the diary doesn’t have anything written in it and I still have some of that old wallpaper hanging in my kitchen.  I guess we kept it in case we ever needed to replace any of it but now it’s so old that I would just get new stuff.

day 54 decluttering challenge

Day 29 Hard Things to Let Go

For this 2018 thing decluttering challenge, nothing in the house is safe.  I’ve already been in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and now one of the kids’ closets.  I said these were hard to get rid of because I only kept a handful of my youngest daughter’s dresses and these were some of my favorites.  I’ve decided to send the 3 on the right to my son for my grandbaby and get rid of the other two.

The other fun thing in this batch is the Mobigo.  It’s a game system for little kids.  I wanted to keep this but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working right.  Instead of hanging on to it, I’m going to let it go.  The rest of the things are a coloring picture, an Otter case, bracelet and a shopping bag.  There’s a hole in the bag, otherwise I wouldn’t get rid of it.  Well, maybe I would because I have a lot more of them.

Day 2 of the July Challenge

Day 2 was a very busy day and we didn’t get home until late at night.  I still managed to get 18 things together.  Things are going well so far.  I’m hoping that the randomness of this challenge doesn’t make it too hard to see progress but I think it will be okay.

Here’s my list…

  • Diet Iced Tea
  • Decaffeinated Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Cold Brew Tea
  • Week old hot dog buns
  • Pasta salad
  • Molasses cookies
  • Roll of streamers
  • 2 pairs of breeches
  • 2 concession signs
  • Catalog
  • Two week old brownie
  • Pharmacy bag
  • Catalog post card
  • Jalapenos
  • Water chestnuts

After 2 days, I’ve gotten rid of 36 things.

Where do I begin today?

Whenever I think that question, the reply in my head is “at the beginning.”  But today, I don’t even know where that is.  I’m still behind on everything.  We had an extra long horse show last Saturday and I’ve been super sick ever since.  I was able to work from home for a few days which helped to keep work from getting way out of control but the house?  Ridiculous.  Go ahead and call the Hoarders crew over because that’s what it looks like over here.

I guess for now I’m going to start at the beginning and cut the grass.  That’s the number one thing that needs to be done today because my yard already looks like a jungle.  I’ll decide on what number two will be while I’m doing that.  I’m thinking that I need to work on my kitchen a bit.

Starting on Some Mind Blowing Kitchen Decluttering

It’s been hard starting on the kitchen.  Every room has been hard to start on.  It’s so overwhelming for those first few days.  I’m taking it really slowly with the kitchen though and it didn’t help that I kept procrastinating all week long.  Finally, I decided to start with one cabinet shelf a day.  It seemed to be all I could handle this week but it was something.  I have a little more time today but need to do some actual cleaning in there first.  Groceries need to be put away and dishes are waiting to be washed.

Once I finally got started, this is what I took out of the middle shelf of the first cabinet:

  • Half used pack of taco seasoning
  • Pack of Ramen Noodle soup beef flavoring
  • Random spice
  • Tupperware pepper shaker
  • Empty jar of peanut butter (Why?)
  • Caramel syrup
  • Chili seasoning
  • Organic honey that has gotten very dark but not crystalized
  • Crystalized honey
  • Mucus Relief Cough medicine
  • Pork seasoning and coating mix
  • Caramel hot cocoa
  • Another half used pack of taco seasoning
  • Seasoned Salt Sample pack

14 things.. that’s not very many… better luck on the next one

Here’s what I got out of the bottom shelf: (for some strange reason, I took the pic and then threw it all away so I don’t remember exactly what it all is)

  • 2 Boxes of Vitamins that expired in 2009!?!?
  • 2 Crystalized little bears of honey
  • 3 bottles of expired vitamins
  • Almost empty container of colored sugar
  • 8 bottles of old spices
  • 3 bottles of expired medications
  • Bottom half of a butter dish

20 things from the bottom shelf

I really thought that there would be a lot more than that to get rid of.  Since I want this to be a major decluttering effort, I might go through it again right away.

Here’s the last shelf:

  • 32 bottles of expired medications (now that’s a little better)
  • Vinegar
  • Big Bear of Honey (I’ve heard that you can uncrystalize pure honey but I tried once and it seemed to take forever.  I’ve also heard that it lasts for like hundreds of years but would you really want to eat it after hundreds of years?)
  • Almost empty container of Kool-Aid (I know it’s terrible but I love Kool-Aid once in awhile)
  • Bag of walnuts that I was going to use for Christmas cookies a few years ago.
  • Great big bottle of Acetyl L-Carnitine that I was given for my thyroid but never got around to taking.
  • Top of the butter dish
  • Tupperware shaker container that’s missing the bottom
  • Tupperware salt shaker

40 Things from the top shelf! Now we’re getting somewhere!

That’s a total of 74 things out of the first kitchen cabinet, done over 3 days.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be able to top the 500 things I got out of the bedroom on this room.  Every cabinet is bursting at the seams.  I feel like I need to go deep on this decluttering because I want to be able to cook more without having to move a million things every day before starting.  Plus, people are always filling up this room!

Kitchen Total = 74 Things

Grand Decluttering Total = 2,103 Things that I never have to pick up again!!

Here’s a few pics of the things I got rid of:

(I’m not posting a lot of pics right now because it’s just so bad in the room.  I love posting before pics but not until I’m pretty much done.)

kitchen decluttering

kitchen decluttering

The Free Table at the End of the Day

decluttering challenge

At the beginning, there were a lot of things lined up in front of the table and none by the end of the day.


I can’t believe no one took the rainbow slippers!

After cleaning up the free table tonight, I felt like there was still a lot left.  I filled up two black bags full of stuff and ran them over to the thrift store.  Only two bags out of the many that I put out there.

When I think about all the things that I had out there, I realize there was a lot more than two bags full.  Some of the things that were gone included a leather backpack, about 8 pairs of shoes and boots, an alarm clock, stampers, puzzles, clothes, books, notebooks, binders, crayons, jewelry, snow pants, a snowsuit and lots of stuffed animals – including some of those Beanie Babies!!

Too Much Good Stuff on the Free Table?

I don’t want to think about it too much though!  I gave a lot away and I don’t want to regret getting rid of some of it.  Maybe I should be deleting the pics of the free tables that I set up.  It might be better if I don’t have anything to remind me of what was on them.

For the first time, one of my kids was a little embarrassed about the free table.  His girlfriend was coming over and I think he felt a little funny about it.  I don’t know why though.  It just looks like a rummage sale except that there’s a big FREE STUFF sign in front of it.  I like that I can set the table up and leave.  No sitting there all day long waiting for people to haggle about the price. I love doing the free table.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy the things that they took today!

In case you forgot what it looked like in the morning, here’s the pic again:

free table

Unfortunately, it was a little dark in the shade when I took the pic so it’s hard to see how much is on the tables. Things were really stacked up pretty high.

On to Day 6 of the 21 Day Decluttering Challenge

I’ve got a long list tonight but not as long as I was hoping for!  Even though I tried starting early in the morning, I was having a hard time.  I might be getting a little overwhelmed. Some things are hard to let go but I know that I need to do it.  This house needs to be decluttered.

  • Black purse
  • 8 cell phone covers
  • Ronald McDonald car
  • Ruler
  • Inhaler chamber
  • Horse syringe
  • Pink pony belt
  • Horse bit
  • Packet of flower seeds
  • Dresser handle
  • Toy parrot
  • Toy toucan
  • Round sequence
  • Starburst spangles
  • Heart earrings
  • Butterfly necklace
  • More heart earrings
  • Green gift bag
  • Dollar store speakers
  • Family Handyman magazine
  • Ice Age Dvd with bonus material
  • Toothbrush
  • Clear Water aquarium chemicals
  • Counting cube
  • 2 doll slippers (not a pair)
  • Toy horse brush
  • Teddy bear cutter outer thing
  • Assassins audio book on cassette tapes
  • Silver frame
  • Self charging smoke alarm (I just don’t have a lamp for this or I would use it)
  • Horse ornament
  • Pair of shoes
  • Dress suit
  • Cookbook Recipe Journal kit
  • Pair of socks
  • Another pair of shoes
  • Pack of 2 bandanas
  • Elmo cup
  • Glue stick
  • Clothespin
  • Dr. Seuss book
  • Tacky Glue
  • Candle holder
  • Suze Orman book
  • Taste of Home magazine
  • Notebook
  • Folder
  • Clamp
  • Twistable crayon
  • Clamp
  • 8 pairs of pants
  • 9 shirts
  • Random CD
  • Envelopes

decluttering challenge

decluttering challenge

Ok, that’s it.  My brain can’t do anymore today.  77 THINGS!! (I was hoping for more since it is Saturday and I’ve been working on it all day but it’s better than none.)

That’s a GRAND TOTAL of 232 THINGS!!

  • Day 3 = 59
  • Day 4 = 61
  • Day 5 = 35
  • Day 6 = 77

I got the keep stuff back into buckets and they’re ready to go back to the storage room.  I still have lots of empty buckets here so I know I’m making progress.  I almost forgot the wonderful feeling of being able to see the floor too.  It’s been covered in buckets for the past week and it’s so nice to be able to walk through the living room again tonight. There’s still way too much in here but every bit out is helping.  

Taking a Break

Since things were stressful here, we took a break and went to go see my horse.  It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to miss it.  We all know fall is coming really quickly!  My daughter did some riding and then we helped out in the barn for a little bit.  It was a nice little break!

decluttering challenge

Hi My Name is Jen and I’m a Hoarder

I’ve been calling myself a hoarder for a while but today there is no denying it.  I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff so I thought that maybe I only had a mild case of hoarding.  Ha. That’s a joke.

My daughter brought down three plastic bins full of stuff from the storage room.  I did okay getting rid of a lot of it.  My goal was to get down to one bin.  I couldn’t do it.  The reason this has really upset me is because of what’s in the bins.  There isn’t anything at all that I need.  There’s a few things of the kids that hold good memories and that’s okay but what am I doing?


I have a bunch of Beanie Babies.  I love Beanie Babies.  I don’t need Beanie Babies at all.  Maybe a few special ones like the one my daughter gave me while I was in the hospital on bed rest when I was pregnant with the twins or the Easter bunny ones that the twins got for Easter one year.  But do I really need a couple hundred of them?

There is a little more to the reason why we have so many of them and maybe it’s the real reason why I can’t let them go.  When my three older kids were little, before the twins arrived, I was only working part time.  When I wasn’t working, the three kids and I would go on Beanie Baby hunts.  We spent a whole summer in search of all the different animals.  We drove from city to city and mall to mall to find the rare and retired ones.  It was FUN!! So much fun!  I miss those days a lot.

Another thing filling up this bucket is Rescue Heroes.  My son loved his Rescue Heroes and it was another one of those things that we had to search out.  There’s many other things in these buckets like that as well.

I can’t get a grip on why it’s so hard for me to do this.  I am never going to play with Beanie Babies.  That would be weird.  I have no intention of ever displaying them.  Like I said, maybe a few special ones but probably less than 10 at any one time and even that seems like a lot.  I could give them to my kids for their future kids but I honestly don’t think that they would want them.  Only two of them seem to have the hoarder gene.

My next thought used to be, will they be worth some money someday?  I’ve decided that I really dislike selling things and would rather give the stuff away so I don’t think that’s it.  Plus, there’s so many Beanie Babies in the world that I don’t think there’s anyone who wants them anymore.  I could be wrong.  I mean look at Pokemon.  We kept most of the cards from when the kids were little and now it’s all the rage.

The point is, there’s no real reason for me to be keeping a lot of this stuff besides the fact that I’m a hoarder.  It’s just stuff and it’s making me miserable so whey keep it?  Because I can’t let it go.  That’s why.

For now, I will keep writing and keep trying to figure it out, even if I keep saying the same things over and over.  I’m getting there.  I see progress.  Even though it’s going much slower than I originally planned, full bags of stuff keep leaving the house.  The kids have been able to have their friends over this summer – finally!! I know that things like that will make it all worth it in the end so I must keep forging ahead!


Quicker Cleaning


Quicker cleaning

This area is a major clutter collector!

My daughter’s wedding is coming up so I have been working on lightening the load to make things easier by cleaning and decluttering as much as I can. I was pleasantly surprised today when I got home to clean up my living room. I had two hours to work on it and didn’t think I would even make a dent. It was amazing how much better it looked in that short amount of time!  Yay!  I forgot that decluttering meant Quicker Cleaning!! Bonus!  It’s taking a long time to get away from the idea of it being perfect. If there’s not piles of clutter around, straightening it up is enough.

As usual, the living room is the catch-all place for everything so I started in there in the corner by the front door. There were quite a few things in the pathway that were just in here waiting to get taken out the front door. There were some empty boxes and my daughter’s horse show clothes that she left in the doorway after the weekend shows.

quicker cleaning by decluttering

This area has been a catch-all for the last few months.

Getting used to good enough is the tricky part. There’s way too many pairs of shoes in the shoe cubbies but rather than pull them all out and go through them right now, I’m going to leave them. They’re stashed away. They’re not all over the floor. They’re good enough where they are and they can stay there. I can resume decluttering efforts after the wedding this weekend and they are fine where they’re at.  I’ve also made sure to put things in the rooms they belong in.  Some of the rooms are too packed for the things I’m putting in them but I feel like that’s what I need to do – overstuffed or not. The front porch is one of those areas.

Decluttering makes for Quicker Cleaning

quicker cleaning

Now we can walk in the front door without stepping over a mess!

It looks so much better and didn’t take long at all to clean up!  Unfortunately, I still have that ugly black chair in a place that I don’t want it.  I wish I could get rid of it but there’s not much seating in here.  It needs to stay until I have the money to get something different and find the time to make it all work. You can’t always declutter everything you want to right away!  Sometimes you have to wait for the replacements first.

When I started this afternoon, I didn’t think there was any way that I would finish this room today but now I have hope! The other side of the room has a lot of clutter too but now I feel like I can tackle it! I love this decluttering effort! It’s taking forever but it’s so worth it! It’s so nice to see results after all the hard work! The lighter load definitely makes the cleaning easier and much faster.