Day 26 Paper Clutter


One of the toughest things for a hoarder… paper!  It multiplies.  Really, it does.  I don’t touch my mailbox for days yet it fills up to the top by the end of the week.  I thought I was doing great in the paper department until I started going through random bags around the house.  They started to pop out all over the place.  As you can see, there’s way more than 18 papers here but I’m still counting them as 18 for the day.


Day 25 Let it Rain!

Some of the things that are leaving are an umbrella, a frisbee, an airplane, a cat toy, and a bag of grain.  The rest is more papers plus some hand sanitizer and a cell phone holder.

I am moving right along here! These last few days haven’t been very impressive but the numbers are adding up.  It’s been mostly small things and papers.  I’ve gotten rid of 450 things since I started this declutter challenge at the beginning of July.

The Grand Decluttering Total after day 25 is 2,969 things!!

Only 2 more days and I’ll be over 3,000.  I can’t wait!!

Day 24 More Socks and Another Pillow?

day 24 declutter challengeHere’s the rest of the socks that my kids found.  Besides the pillow, there’s also a horse tail bag, some coupons, and one of those flowers that move with sunlight,

I’ve Been Decluttering All Day Today

I’m so determined to get rid of things that I think I’m bordering on obsessed now.  I just can’t seem to even make a dent.  Usually when I get the get rid of stuff out, you can see a difference.  This time however, it doesn’t look any different.  After taking out 2 big garbage bags full, filling a donation box, and delivering a bag of food to my mom, it still doesn’t look any better in my living room.

Apparently things were piling up higher than I was realizing.  I guess that happens when clutter is invisible to you. It appears when I look at it through a camera.  I don’t know why.  I’ve been taking pictures all day hoping to see improvement but it hasn’t happened yet.  Things must be getting better though.  How couldn’t they with everything that’s gone out the door?

Day 20 Continuing on with the Small Things

decluttering challengeNothing at all exciting in this group of things.  They’re small and I’m glad I’m getting rid of them. The only thing that I thought about keeping was the make up.  It’s brand new but the brushes are gone. I decided to let it go.

Day 19 Letting Go of a Few Books

A Few Books and Small things

All these little things are adding up quickly.  Maybe that’s why I keep them around so long.  They’re small and they don’t seem to take up too much space but I still have to pick them up.  I feel like getting rid of them won’t make much of a difference but there’s so many!  It has to be making a difference.

I have 3 books here.  I’ve been picking up books lately because they look interesting but as I’ve said before, I’m a very slow reader.  One book could take me months to read.  Since I haven’t touched any of these books, well, ever, I think it’s time to let them go to someone else.  I have plenty here that I really do want to read and I have to stay realistic about how long it will be before getting through them.

I thought about keeping the knee high nylons but then I remembered that 10 year old elastic usually disintegrates.  There’s more hair ties, little kid scissors, bead necklace, some old ibuprofen and other small random things.  I’m glad to see this all go.  I don’t want to pick any of it up ever again.

Day 18 The Single Gloves and a Handful of Markers

day 18 decluttering challengeI wonder where the other gloves are…

Stray socks and gloves are OUT!  I don’t have time or enough energy to match them all up so if their pair is missing, oh well.  I’m going to keep getting rid of them. I’m also getting rid of markers, a comb, some bottles of bubbles and a pencil.  I’m done playing around, this stuff has got to go!


Day 17 Does Ten Year Old Mosquito Spray Work?

day 17 decluttering challenge

I’m not going to find out!

I have no idea if the mosquito spray would work and I’m not going to try it.  I’ve been having really bad reactions to mosquito spray lately so I’m trying to avoid it.  The rest of the batch of stuff is just little junky fun stuff like the lollipop, beads and lip gloss.  I’m getting rid of a few random socks and a weird glove.  The shell necklace is kind of cute but no one will miss it.



Day 23 Oh No! Not more Socks!

Yep, 17 single socks and 1 pillow.

day 23 declutter challenge

Purpleslobinrecovery this one’s for you!!  One of the kids found a whole bag of single socks.  I think that I may have reached a world record for the most unmatched socks in a single house.