Flash Saturday Update


Flash’s test results came back negative for Strangles.  This is great news for the most part but I still have that bad feeling.  He’s still not right.  The lymph node under his jaw is very swollen.  Something is causing it but we don’t know what.  However, I have suspicions.

I think he might have a bad tooth infection.  It would make sense because he’s not letting us touch him anywhere near his mouth.  He’s had teeth problems in the past and that’s how he has acted.  Also, since he’s not really chewing his food very good, it could be the reason for the colic.

I have the vet coming out on Friday to take a look at him.  I’m a little nervous that he’s going to colic again before then but it was the soonest they could come.  I wanted a particular vet that is hard to schedule with because everyone asks for her.  She’s the one who helped the last time he had teeth problems though so that’s why I want her to be the one to look at him.

Every time we go to the barn, the cats are hanging around.  This one was just so cute today that I had to take a picture.  We call him Buddy. He has one blue eye and one yellow eye.  He’s a pretty special barn cat.