Day 10 of Bedroom Decluttering. Was it enough?

I think this is day 10 of decluttering my bedroom.  I’m getting very close to 500 things that I’ve let go.  I was hoping to get to at least 500 by this weekend so we’ll see in a little bit.  Last night, as I was working on it, I looked around and thought… I could start over right now and find another 500 things to get rid of.  It’s certainly much better than when I started but I can’t believe how much is still in there.  I’m pretty sure that I could fill up almost my whole truck right now with all of the bags and boxes ready to be donated.

Here’s the list for the weekend. Is it enough to get to 500?

  • Blue velour pajamas
  • Brown pants
  • Pajama top
  • Red fleece shirt
  • Green shorts
  • Pajama pants
  • Pink top
  • Black top
  • Hippie top
  • Yellow shorts
  • Pink pajama top
  • Light blue pajama top
  • New York hoodie
  • Flower gift bag
  • Teddy bear gift bag
  • Joy gift bag
  • Snowman gift bag
  • Tissue paper
  • Piece of wrapping paper
  • Snow ball maker
  • Side of a computer
  • Pillow covered in cat hair
  • Mattress cover
  • Body pillow
  • Green shirt
  • Blue pants
  • Black skirt
  • Some weird fruity short set
  • Gray T-shirt
  • Room divider for a tent
  • Bag of mints from last Christmas
  • 6 single socks (can’t forget those!)
  • Messed up tie
  • Sheet music
  • The other shoe that I found in the beginning
  • 3 Ninjas VHS tape
  • Leather Blackberry holder
  • Blue lantern (that I think I might keep..yea take this off the list)
  • Little tube of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
  • Tips, hints and shortcuts for a cell phone
  • Little M&M notepad
  • Brown velour pajama set
  • Denim capris
  • Pair of jeans
  • Hello Kitty Nintendo DS Case (this is going on eBay)
  • Flowery comforter
  • Really cute light purple hoodie with paw prints on the front
  • Pair of slippers
  • Zipper pouch

This was a pretty boring list but that’s 53 things to get rid of… did I make it??? Oh wait, I’m keeping the lantern so it’s only 52!

Total Bedroom Decluttering After Day 10 = 509 Things!!!

bedroom decluttering

bedroom decluttering day 10

bedroom decluttering day 10

I’m so so so excited!  I actually did it!  I made it to 500 things in 10 days of decluttering!

Unfortunately, I just missed my other goal of getting to 2,000 things in the whole house. But I’m really close…

Grand Decluttering Total = 1,996 Things that I never have to pick up again!!

I think that I might have to find 4 more things in my bedroom to get rid of before I go to bed tonight.  Or maybe I’ll go to 14 days of decluttering in that room.  That would probably make the most sense.

I haven’t really decided what area I’m doing next so this will give me a few more days to think about it.  This week was looking a little less busy but that’s all changed.  It’s another busy week with things going on almost every night.

I Shouldn’t Have Touched the Front Porch

I knew I shouldn’t have tried to work on the front porch tonight.  My plan of working on it Saturday night hadn’t worked out so I should have left it for next weekend.  Instead, I decided to go ahead and start on it.  I only got a little bit done and now my entire living room is full of porch clutter.

Here’s what the porch looks like now.  The first picture is after I moved everything into my living room.  The second picture is the before pic.  It’s hard to tell that it’s the same corner but you can tell that it is if you look at the red bridle bag hanging by the window.  And yes, those saddles were under all that stuff.  You can see the horn on the western saddle sticking out a little bit. The porch is stacked almost 4 feet high with everything under the sun like that sledding tube, a hose, a cereal holder and lots more.

I think these are some of the most embarrassing pictures that I’ve posted so far. You can really see the hoarding in these pictures.  It’s just piles of STUFF.  Why is there never any organization?  It’s going to take a few more months before this porch really gets cleared out but the more that I get rid of, the easier it gets.

Here’s a few pics of the other corner on that side of the front porch.  You can see the glider chair now!!  There’s still a lot of things on it but at least you can see it.  Before it was completely buried.  If there were shelves or a cabinet or something like that in there, things could finally get organized.

The stuff on the chair is all ready to be gotten rid of. I just can’t get myself to take it to St. Vinny’s or Goodwill.  There’s a lot of brand new stuff in there.  Selling it is a huge hassle too so I think I want to go with the free table method of giving it away.  Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait until the weekend.  It will just have to stay piled up until then.

This is only one side of the front porch and there’s still a lot of stuff that I haven’t cleaned up yet.  The other side is stacked at least 3 or 4 feet high too.  I’ll do a little bit everyday.  I can’t wait to see the end result.  I’m hoping to make some nice improvements by Sunday.

Update:  It’s been a few months and the front porch is still a disaster.  I still haven’t found a way to organize anything and it’s still the catch all place for everything that comes in or out of the house.

Someone Else’s Storage Room

I was feeling a little guilty for stuffing a bunch of stuff into a room that I’m calling the new storage room.  The old storage room was too nice to be a storage room.  But really, neither one of them should have to be a storage room!!  All that aside, the guilt was building as I put more and more stuff into that room. There’s a big window in there that lets in tons of light but the pile is now all the way up to window and if it goes any higher, it will start to block it. My house needs all the light it can get.

I was at a friend’s house today and there was a door open that usually isn’t open and lo and behold… an office/sewing room turned STORAGE ROOM!!!  So I’m not the only one!  Yay!

I have another friend with a beautiful house who also talked about a room where they just shoved everything. She had to clean hers out so she could actually use it as a bedroom but she had one too!!  So maybe it’s not such an uncommon thing to have a room like this. Mine might be a little extremely full but in a few months, I will start going through the stuff again and getting rid of more of it.

You might ask.. Why don’t you start now?  If I have time, I might. But the living room is starting to fill up again and I want to keep that from happening so I’m going to spend any free time working on organization in there. Everything needs to have a home. We also need to get a set routine in place so the room is getting cleaned every week. If it’s done every week, it won’t be a huge deal and we’ll only have to spend an hour or so in there, not 6 weeks for one room!!

Do you have a storage room?  Is it really all that uncommon like I thought it was?  Or do most people have one?

storage room full of clutter

Less Clutter = More Fun!

Today was one of those days where I didn’t want to leave the house because I’m right in the middle of a drastic decluttering and I really wanted to finish it today.  I’m busy for the next week and a half so this was my last chance to get some things done.

But we had a few events going on and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to miss them.  One was an award banquet for my daughter and the other one was going to a national show horse barn to see a demonstration about different riding disciplines.

I decided that we needed to have fun and not let the hoard hold us prisoners!  I think I made the right decision.

We got to see this:

and this:

The demonstration was awesome but then afterwards, we were able to go walk around the barn and got to see one of them training a few of the horses.  It was fabulous.  They have a huge indoor round pen where they do the training which is great.  He said that they even train the horses to drive in that round arena. I wish that I had one of those for working with my mini horse!

After we left that barn, we went to our barn and helped clean and got the horses in for the night.  We couldn’t take our horses out though because there was ice everywhere.  It would have been too dangerous trying to walk them to the arena so we just got to say hi to them and that’s it.  After watching that demonstration, we really wanted to work with our horses a little bit.

We got home late but I was able to do quite a bit.  My son did a lot by himself before I got home so he is officially moved into the other bedroom now.  The smaller room is now the new storage room and it’s about half way full.  I still have one more room full of stuff that needs to go in there and then we’ll be able to move pretty freely through the whole house, all except for that room, the basement and the garage but it will be awhile before I get to those.

Drastic Decluttering Efforts Underway!

I couldn’t take it anymore!  I’ve been working in that “storage room” for weeks and just wasn’t getting anywhere at all.  My normal techniques to get rid of clutter just weren’t working in there.  It’s the really hard stuff to let go of and I wasn’t making progress.

It’s been extra frustrating because that’s the biggest bedroom in the house and there wasn’t a single person who could get in there to enjoy up-!  So today, I decided that was it.  I had to make a drastic decision.  It’s  not exactly the best decision and I’ll probably regret it but I had to do something to change the course of that bedroom.

We’re moving everything from the storage room into my son’s smaller bedroom so he can move into the big room.  I will feel much better knowing that the biggest bedroom in the house is being occupied by a person and not a bunch of STUFF.

We’ve been at it for a little over an hour and we’ve gotten a few big things out, like a box spring and the bunk bed frame.  Then we took a break for dinner.  I’m trying to take pics as I go but it looks pretty darn bad so I don’t want to post them yet but here’s a teaser.

Bunk bed in the clutter

Decluttering the Storage Room

I spent the weekend working on decluttering the “storage room” in my house.  It’s not really a storage room, that’s just what we call it because when a holiday comes along, we shove all of the clutter in there.  It’s actually the biggest bedroom upstairs and I want to kick myself every time I think about this cluttered room.  Organized storage would be much better.

My 6’1″ son is sleeping in a twin size bed right now.  It’s too small for him but the room he’s in is too small for a bigger bed.  If I could get the “storage room” cleaned out, I could move him into that room and then get him a bigger bed.  I can’t get through it all fast enough.  I’m struggling.  I could only get through so much before I had to give it up for the weekend.  I was doing too much standing there and not enough getting rid of.

I have 4 big buckets of stuff ready to get rid of (I made a little progress).  I’m kind of waiting until I have a few more because it gives me that sense of accomplishment when I see it all together as one big pile.  I also like the feeling of seeing no room to walk around and then when it’s gone, empty space.  That’s a great feeling too!

We might have some friends coming over on Saturday night.  I’m a little worried about it and I still might have to cancel.  The kids are looking forward to it so they’ve been helping all weekend but it might not be enough.  I will be really sad if I have to cancel this because we have too much of a mess here.  It’s a pretty common thing to happen here though.  There’s a lot of times that we can’t have people over.  It’s one of the biggest reasons that I want this house cleaned out.

Finished Painting

I don’t know why I put it off until after Christmas but I’m finally finished painting my living room.  I spent a couple hours last night and got it done.  Since the unpainted wall was behind a lot of furniture, I don’t think anyone really noticed except for me.

I came home early from work today because we’re having a winter storm and I’ve been sitting here watching movies all day.  The wall I just finished is right behind the TV so I keep looking up at it and admiring how beautiful it looks!

A wall that needs to be painted

The wall I’ve been procrastinating on.  I haven’t felt like finishing it! 


Here’s the finished wall. I finally took the time to do it!

It’s hard to tell what the color really is.  My phone camera doesn’t take very good pictures and it’s pretty dark in here because of the storm.  I can’t remember the name of the paint but I think it’s some mocha color.

I also have a few spots of yellow that need to be finished but I don’t have the sand paper to sand down the spackle.  Once I get that, it should only take a few minutes and all the painting in the living room will be done.


Almost done with the entry way!

staining wood

All of these stained pieces of wood will be put together tomorrow to make a new entry way.

It’s been such a bad week with my horse Flash that I didn’t think we would ever finish the entry way.  I wanted to finish all the staining last week but didn’t.  Today, since I was looking for a way to keep my mind off everything that’s been going on, I was happy to do the staining and, thankfully, it took all day!  There was a lot of wood.

When I first got to the shop where I was working on it, I finished up the boards that were already stained.  They just needed polyurethane put on them.  I wasn’t sure if I should  do one coat or two.  I ended up doing two coats and I’m glad I did!  They look beautiful!


I put the polyurethane on these boards tonight and they look great now!

After I finished that part, I stained the rest of the boards.  They all had to be sanded first and then wiped down before I could put the stain on.  Since it was cheaper wood than what I used for the coat rack, there were a lot of pits and they soaked up the stain way too fast.  I wasn’t in a hurry though so I just kept working at it and got them all covered.

It’s definitely not a perfect job but it will be in a corner that’s rather dark so I don’t think you will see the imperfections. I had the boards for the coat rack part sitting there all week and they looked good.

I left all of the boards at the shop tonight to dry so they’ll be ready to be put together first thing in the morning.  I can’t wait!!!


Isn’t it pretty?

An Hour on the Front Porch

My front porch is taking me way longer than I expected.  It’s usually a place that I can have cleared out in a few hours but this time is a little different.  My house is so full right now that there’s no place to go with anything that I decide to keep.  I either need to get rid of things or they have to stay on the porch.


This is one tiny part of the porch.  I wrote about it in another post.  The things that were there were a plant, some bubble wrap, too much mail, a washcloth, salt for the sidewalk and other various random things.  None of them were beautiful and only a few were useful.  I was having a really hard time with even getting started because I didn’t know what I was going to do with these things.

I finally buckled down and spent about an hour working on this little area over the weekend. It’s amazing how much you can fit in such a small area.  I threw away most of the junk mail and cut up a few small boxes.  I moved the plant.  It’s still on the porch but will find a home someday. I might take it to work.


Well, here’s that area cleaned up.  It’s a different angle but I think it looks so much better now!! It’s nice to be able to see the floor out there.  It’s nice to be able to walk in the front door and not bump your leg on anything as you walk past.  It’s nice to walk past that little tiny area and not wonder where all that stuff is going to go or worry about what the neighbors think.  It’s still not beautiful but at least there’s hope now that someday it might be.  I’m glad I got a little done!!


Not Much Progress This Week

I’m stuck at a very frustrating point right now.  Nothing seems to be going the way that I would like and I’m feeling the Christmas time crunch already.  It’s less than two months away and you can barely walk through the house.  Work and 4-H have been taking up way too much of my time so progress has been very slow.  Here’s where I’m at:

  • The weather is getting cold so I  need to finish up my front porch.  It’s a small enclosed porch and tends to become the catch-all place for everything going in and out of the house.  It’s also where I keep all of my horse things.  I can envision this porch being decorated really cute with old horse bits and other antique country gear or horse tack IF I ever get it cleaned out.
  • My living room has turned into a bedroom which is pretty much turning all of my plans upside down.  Right when I was in the middle of making huge progress, my daughter broke up with her boyfriend and is here all the time now.  This is the daughter who thinks she has fairies following behind her who clean up after her.  She hasn’t quite figured out that those fairies are other family members and she doesn’t understand why we are always yelling at her.  According to her, she doesn’t make a mess!  Ugh!!!  Anyways, this is putting even more of a strain on my time shortage because every time I have a few minutes to work in here, I have to start by moving all of her stuff and then I either run out of time for working on what needs to get done or I’m too tired to keep working on it.
  • Decluttering has actually been going okay.  I’ve made some tough decisions and taken a few trips to St. Vincent de Paul.  Yesterday, I tackled an area that had a lot of stuff that was meant to be donated but had never made it out of the house.  I was going to load it into the car to take it to St. Vinny’s but one of my other daughters has really started enjoying the free table idea and so she wanted to set it up.  We put a lot of things out there, including a great big box of clothes.  I didn’t take a picture this time.  I just set it up and left for a few hours.  I couldn’t believe it.  When I got home, there was hardly anything left!! The great big box and everything in it was gone!  I had put a really neat lamp out, decorative candle holders, an M&M collectible guy and some toys and they were all gone!! Awesome!!  It was so much fun to come home to those empty tables because I know it was nice stuff and made some people happy!

Well, I see a lot of sun outside so I think I’m going to go work on my front porch!  Maybe I’ll finally make some progress on it today.

ProsperityandCalamities put this quote in a comment on one of my posts and I think of it every time I work on my porch.  It keeps me motivated!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

My front porch is far from beautiful right now so this quote is perfect for this area!!   If I make enough progress on the porch, I’ll post a pic later today.