No Worry Weekend

no worryThis weekend, I won’t worry about anything.  I’ve been so stressed out lately and my health is suffering from it.  I need to relax.  It’s hard to have any progress on my house when I can’t think clearly or I’m so stressed that I don’t want to move off the couch.

I will be setting some goals and making sure that I meet them so that my house can start coming together a little better.  It will never be done or perfect but there’s still a few things that need to be finished.

The first stop on my way to the horse fair today was the Concord Zoo.  It’s this cute little zoo behind a gas station.  Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  It is but the zoo animals are mostly farm animals like goats, mini horses, and donkeys. There’s also a pig that bites and 2 alpacas.  They have a cute little area with some playhouses and a teepee.

Concord ZooI found this place a few years ago when my son went away to college and ever since then, I try to stop every time I pass it on the freeway.  They close it in the winter when it’s really cold and dark outside but today was a beautiful day so it was open for viewing.  There’s little machines, like candy machines, where you put the money in, turn the handle and get a handful of grain but they were all empty today.  Too bad.  I would have liked to have fed some of them.  The donkeys are my favorite ones to feed but the goats get pretty excited and do goofy things for food.

We went to the horse fair to drop off a bunch of horse tack for their giant sale.  So many people come to this sale that it’s easy to sell just about any horse related thing.  We got there at a good time and didn’t have to wait at all.  It took us about a half hour to tag all of the stuff that we brought.  Whatever doesn’t sell at the sale you take home or you can donate it to them.  They take everything that has been donated and they have a sale with their 4-H club.  It’s all to make money so I don’t have a problem donating some things, especially right now when I’m so determined to get the clutter out of my house.  Hopefully, most of it will sell but if it doesn’t, that’s okay.  At least it’s out of my house!  It’s also a lot of fun to stop in at the sale and look for some of our stuff and then watch to see if it’s gone by Sunday!

After we got everything checked in at the tack sale, we walked around and watched the people practicing on their horses.  It’s always fun watching them bring their horses into the coliseum for the first time because a lot of them freak out and don’t know what to do.  Most are okay, it’s just the young ones that get spooky.  After that, we went and visited with a few friends of ours for a bit and then watched one more rehearsal.  This one was Guy McLean.  He’s an awesome Australian horseman and bush poet.  Here’s a poem that he wrote about the Texas Thunder.

I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow for some more horse time!  It’s one of the biggest horse fairs there is.  It’s my favorite place in the world to be!  I wish it went on for at least a week but it only runs a few days.