Never Been So Happy For a Snow Storm!

I hate snow!  But today, I’m really happy that we’re having a big snow storm.  I don’t think I’ve been this happy about 12″ of snow in a really long time.  Maybe ever. Why am I so happy about all this snow?  Because it’s forced down time.  I don’t have to go anywhere because I can’t.  Isn’t it GREAT???  I love it!


The winter storm warning goes all the way until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night!  As long as our electricity doesn’t go out, I’ll be home relaxing and getting ready for Christmas.  Yay!! I wasn’t sure how I would get it all done but now that I’m stuck at home, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.  The only thing I need now is some hot chocolate.

All three of my cats are sitting in the living room with me.  They’ve been a little annoyed this week with all the stuff from the truck in here.  They’ll be very happy when it’s all cleaned up again.  Hopefully it will be by the end of the night.  The kids are hanging out in their bedrooms.  It’s so nice that we’re not rushing around tonight going to meetings or out shopping.  I’m hoping that I can find some good Christmas movies on TV.

Warning Extended

The winter storm warning originally was scheduled to end at 9:00 p.m. but they have extended it to midnight.  After all the shoveling I did this morning, you can hardly tell what I did.  We were only supposed to get another 2-4″ but we’ve long surpassed that amount.  Brian from Brian’s Blog wanted to see pics so here they are!  The daylight ones are from earlier today and the night time ones are from about 2 hours ago.  I think there’s a lot more snow now. I’ll post some more pics in the morning.

It’s the First Day of Snow!


It’s the first day of snow here!  It looks beautiful but I’m never really ready for it.  It’s just one more thing that I have to clean up.  Another one of those forced cleaning events.  I still have a lot to do yet today and it’s getting late and now I have to deal with the snow.  It’s these unplanned things that throw me off and life is full of them!

I’m thinking that it might get warm enough tomorrow to melt some of it but we’re supposed to get an arctic blast in a few days so anything left over will freeze solid.  Winter is just beginning and then there will be months and months of gloomy, too cold to do anything weather.  It doesn’t seem like I can ever have enough cold weather gear for our winters.  I’ll have to stop at the Dollar Store for some hand warmers the next time I go to the barn.