Decluttering the Storage Room

I spent the weekend working on decluttering the “storage room” in my house.  It’s not really a storage room, that’s just what we call it because when a holiday comes along, we shove all of the clutter in there.  It’s actually the biggest bedroom upstairs and I want to kick myself every time I think about this cluttered room.  Organized storage would be much better.

My 6’1″ son is sleeping in a twin size bed right now.  It’s too small for him but the room he’s in is too small for a bigger bed.  If I could get the “storage room” cleaned out, I could move him into that room and then get him a bigger bed.  I can’t get through it all fast enough.  I’m struggling.  I could only get through so much before I had to give it up for the weekend.  I was doing too much standing there and not enough getting rid of.

I have 4 big buckets of stuff ready to get rid of (I made a little progress).  I’m kind of waiting until I have a few more because it gives me that sense of accomplishment when I see it all together as one big pile.  I also like the feeling of seeing no room to walk around and then when it’s gone, empty space.  That’s a great feeling too!

We might have some friends coming over on Saturday night.  I’m a little worried about it and I still might have to cancel.  The kids are looking forward to it so they’ve been helping all weekend but it might not be enough.  I will be really sad if I have to cancel this because we have too much of a mess here.  It’s a pretty common thing to happen here though.  There’s a lot of times that we can’t have people over.  It’s one of the biggest reasons that I want this house cleaned out.

Cleaning When Under Stress

I’ve been stuck for days unable to get any further on this disaster of a house.  Today, my oldest daughter almost had her purse snatched and then told me that her and her fiancé are moving almost 2 hours away.  I was pretty devastated over both things and since I didn’t know what to do about either one, I managed to get rid of more things!  For some reason, when I’m under a lot of stress, I start cleaning.  I can usually get a lot done.  I made a trip to St. Vinny’s and dropped off two big garbage bags full of miscellaneous items.

Here’s the pile of stuff that I was originally planning on keeping:


That’s my new little kitty in the pic!  He took that ball maze out of the get rid of pile and it’s his now!  It was a second sort through of this pile of stuff.  I do this a lot.  I go through it kind of fast the first time.  Then a little slower the second time and then third time through it seems to do the trick.  By then, I’m so sick of looking at it all that it’s easier to let it go.

The other thing I did was picked up a few baskets and buckets.  I’m going to be putting in a bunch of shelves and I realized that the small things will need to be inside some sort of container.  I bought a few to get started. Here’s the pile after the second run through:


The black basket on the right is one that I just bought.  It held a lot more than I was expecting!  I’m glad I got it.  Handles would be nice on it though.

Getting Rid of Clutter

This is the stuff that I took to St. Vinny’s.  It’s not a ton of stuff but every little bit helps.  I will try to go through it once more and hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of a few more things.

I’m not sure what makes me want to clean when I’m under stress. I get a lot more done than when I have unlimited amounts of time to clean a room.  Something about that stress feeling makes me want to get rid of everything.  It has a positive outcome but it’s not great to be under all that stress either.