More Tupperware to Get Rid Of

Vintage TupperwareMore vintage Tupperware that needs to find a new home!  A few months ago, someone dropped off boxes of their old, unused Tupperware that they no longer wanted.  I got rid of the things that were kind of sticky and I kept a few of the nicer things that I thought I might use.  Well, it’s been on my front porch now for all those months and I haven’t used any of it.

If it’s not used within a certain amount of time, you should get rid of it.  I think that’s the conventional wisdom.  It might be a year but at this point in my decluttering, a few months is enough.  The next biggest thing is where to get rid of it.  It’s too cold to set up a free table.  There’s lots of “free” Facebook groups that I could put them on and also lots of for sale groups.  I could try eBay too.  A couple of apps have popped up too like LetGo and OfferUp. Has anyone tried either one of those apps?

The Easiest Solution For Getting Rid of Tupperware

I could just take it to the local donation place and be done with it.  It’ll be gone and I’ll never have to pick it up again.

8 thoughts on “More Tupperware to Get Rid Of

  1. My vote would be for dropping it all off at a donation center and be done with it. We found trying to keep it to make a few dollars wasn’t worth looking at it once we had decided to get rid of it. Congrats on removing more items!!

      1. Sorry to hear this. It does seem like we need to take a break occasionally from decluttering. It allows our brain to process the changes (even if we want the change!) It also gives us a break from trips to the donation centers or the constant dealing with selling stuff. Don’t be too hard on yourself – it will all eventually get done.

  2. “If it’s not used within a certain amount of time, you should get rid of it.” I very much agree with this; when I consciously started doing this I also had to start politely declining things because I recognised the hoarder within and how things wouldn’t get used as intended within that brief moment of being asked “do you want this…?” I now prefer to say “no thank you” than have the mental burden.

    I actually have a shortage of Tupperware, but I make do with margarine tubs; giving them a second+ use before sending them for recycling.

    1. I know that I need to start saying that more because I don’t need anything else in this house. I definitely have enough Tupperware and other kitchen supplies and would never miss these things.

  3. I think if you want to try for a sale, I’d go through the trouble of posting this to a facebook yard sale page or try ebay. But if you just want it out of your house, I’d take it right to the thrift store! 🙂

    1. I’m taking one more day to decide! A little extra money would be great but having it out of the house would be great too.

    2. Yes. I always kind of judge my mood and available time and energy. Sometimes I’m up to fooling around trying to sell something or give it to the right person; other times I just want it GONE.

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