Wish I Could Take a Day Off to Declutter

The decluttering effort at my house is very slow right now.  My living room is slowly filling up or at least it was.  I’ve gotten two boxes together that I’ll be taking to a donation place in the next day or two.  I listed a few things on eBay too.  I told myself that if they didn’t sell, they were being donated.  Most of the auctions have ended and none have sold.  No one else wants these things either so I’m going to put them in the donation boxes.

There were quite a few Hallmark ornaments.  Some of them are really cute but I have no connection to them.  They’re ones that my mom got from someone, didn’t want them, so then she gave them to me.  That’s been one of my biggest problems – people giving me things that I don’t need.  She may have given them to me because she thought maybe I could make a few dollars by selling them but I don’t want to keep relisting them over and over.  I called her yesterday and asked if I could get rid of them if they didn’t sell.  At first she said she wanted them back but then since she couldn’t even remember which ones they were, she told me that I could donate them.  I’m glad she made that decision.

Here’s a couple of the ornaments

See, they’re cute but I don’t need them.  We have enough ornaments and each one we put on our tree has a special meaning to it.

Recently, my manager told me that I should take a few days off because I’m getting too many vacation days built up.  I told her that wouldn’t be a problem.  I’d be happy to take a few days off!

More Tupperware to Get Rid Of

Vintage TupperwareMore vintage Tupperware that needs to find a new home!  A few months ago, someone dropped off boxes of their old, unused Tupperware that they no longer wanted.  I got rid of the things that were kind of sticky and I kept a few of the nicer things that I thought I might use.  Well, it’s been on my front porch now for all those months and I haven’t used any of it.

If it’s not used within a certain amount of time, you should get rid of it.  I think that’s the conventional wisdom.  It might be a year but at this point in my decluttering, a few months is enough.  The next biggest thing is where to get rid of it.  It’s too cold to set up a free table.  There’s lots of “free” Facebook groups that I could put them on and also lots of for sale groups.  I could try eBay too.  A couple of apps have popped up too like LetGo and OfferUp. Has anyone tried either one of those apps?

The Easiest Solution For Getting Rid of Tupperware

I could just take it to the local donation place and be done with it.  It’ll be gone and I’ll never have to pick it up again.

Finally a Little Time for Cleaning Up

It’s Saturday and I finally have a little down time.  I can’t believe how busy things have been around here.  Although most of it has been work related, a lot of other things have been going on too.  Unfortunately, none of it has involved cleaning or decluttering or anything else that I enjoy doing.

Today, well this afternoon anyways, I am finally sitting down and just relaxing for a few minutes.  It’s wonderful.  Maybe I will be able to get caught up a little bit.  I realized about two weeks ago that my notifications were all going to some folder and I wasn’t seeing them but I haven’t had time to look into it. I will hopefully get that fixed today!

Can you believe it’s almost March already??  Are you on track with your decluttering goals for the year?


Can’t Seem to Catch Up

I have been running in high gear for the past few weeks with no reprieve in sight. I’ve had 3 big projects at work, a couple of 4-H meetings to plan and run, a sick kiddo, and a brand new, very first grandbaby to visit. Yay!  It’s been intense and exhausting leaving me with no energy to do any decluttering. The house is getting worse by the day although there’s been a few glimmers of hope… the kids have started doing a few things without being asked.  Another Yay!!!

I STILL cringe every time I look at my front porch.  It’s awful. I have one afternoon next week when I might be home and I think that I have to do the porch. Boxes need to be cut up and things need to go once and for all. I’m not going to hold my breath since I haven’t found an ounce of success out there yet but I’m going to give it another shot. 

Finally taking down the Christmas Tree

Yes, it’s February and my tree is still up.  The last two years there was so much clutter that I took the tree down as soon as possible after Christmas.  There wasn’t room for it.  This year, the tree was in a new spot for the first time since I bought the house 18 years ago.  I love the new spot!  It looks great in the less crowded room and the lights brighten everything up.  The ornaments are adorable.  I’ve really enjoyed having it up.

This year, I actually went through the things in my Christmas buckets and actually got rid of a few things.  I don’t have a lot so even though it wasn’t many things, it was still a good portion of what I have.  A few years ago, I had a lot of Christmas stuff.  It was hard hauling the buckets up and down the stairs because they were so heavy.  Then, with all the clutter around, it was hard to find places to put things so I would have to pack away other stuff.  So, I just got rid of a lot of it and kept my favorite things.

Here’s the things I’m getting rid of this year:

  • Salt and pepper shakers on a sleigh
  • Halloween decoration that ended up in the bucket
  • Goose candle
  • Cookie cutter ornament
  • Gift card holder (I could keep this and use it but it smells really funny inside)
  • Broken ornament
  • Dancing Santa with a broken arm.  The kids loved this but it’s time for him to go.
  • Tree skirt.  It’s just really dirty but I don’t think it’s washable.
  • Dove?
  • 3-D glasses
  • And last but not least, a broken ceramic Santa.  This one I’m still debating about.  It’s broken I know.  But my mom painted it when she was younger and I’ve always loved this since I was a little kid.  One of my kids broke it a few years ago.  I might have all the pieces so I could glue it back together.  I might have to leave him in the bucket for another year.

christmas clutter

Christmas Decluttering = 11 Things

Grand Decluttering Total = 2,135 Things that I never have to pick up again.

Hard to Track Progress in the Kitchen

Things in the kitchen aren’t really good things to take pics of.  Most of the things to get rid of belong in the garbage rather than a donation box.  I keep throwing things away before I remember to save them for the pic.  Unfortunately, it’s probably going to throw my count off but I’ll keep trying to keep it as accurate as possible.  I also haven’t really been able to count days either.  It’s just been weird in the kitchen so far but maybe it’s because I’m doing as much cleaning as decluttering.

Here’s the little list:

  • 3 packs of cat treats
  • A moose hat from Moose Jaw pizza place
  • Plastic spoon
  • Flosser
  • Coupon
  • Opened frosting pack
  • Empty container
  • Firecrackers
  • Cat boots (my daughter had to get these for one of our cats and of course she won’t wear them!)
  • Top of a toothpick holder
  • Cold medicine
  • 4 egg cartons
  • Hot chocolate packet that expired in 2014
  • Can of half eaten frosting
  • Potato
  • A really nice Tupperware mini chopper

21 Things… slow and steady will win the race in this room

Kitchen Decluttering Total = 95 Things

Grand Decluttering Total = 2,124 Things that I never have to pick up again!

Is getting things a blessing or a curse?

Every time I get rid of things, they’re almost immediately replaced by a well meaning person.  I always wonder if I’m blessed for giving things away or if I’m cursed and I’ll always have a hoard of stuff at my house.

It’s been less than a week since I donated all those bags of clothes and today, someone brought a great big giant box of clothes for me.  Thankfully, a lot of them are too small or not my style so it’ll be easy to get rid of them but some are going to make it to my room.  I’m thankful yet a little stressed.

Am I blessed or cursed?

Starting on Some Mind Blowing Kitchen Decluttering

It’s been hard starting on the kitchen.  Every room has been hard to start on.  It’s so overwhelming for those first few days.  I’m taking it really slowly with the kitchen though and it didn’t help that I kept procrastinating all week long.  Finally, I decided to start with one cabinet shelf a day.  It seemed to be all I could handle this week but it was something.  I have a little more time today but need to do some actual cleaning in there first.  Groceries need to be put away and dishes are waiting to be washed.

Once I finally got started, this is what I took out of the middle shelf of the first cabinet:

  • Half used pack of taco seasoning
  • Pack of Ramen Noodle soup beef flavoring
  • Random spice
  • Tupperware pepper shaker
  • Empty jar of peanut butter (Why?)
  • Caramel syrup
  • Chili seasoning
  • Organic honey that has gotten very dark but not crystalized
  • Crystalized honey
  • Mucus Relief Cough medicine
  • Pork seasoning and coating mix
  • Caramel hot cocoa
  • Another half used pack of taco seasoning
  • Seasoned Salt Sample pack

14 things.. that’s not very many… better luck on the next one

Here’s what I got out of the bottom shelf: (for some strange reason, I took the pic and then threw it all away so I don’t remember exactly what it all is)

  • 2 Boxes of Vitamins that expired in 2009!?!?
  • 2 Crystalized little bears of honey
  • 3 bottles of expired vitamins
  • Almost empty container of colored sugar
  • 8 bottles of old spices
  • 3 bottles of expired medications
  • Bottom half of a butter dish

20 things from the bottom shelf

I really thought that there would be a lot more than that to get rid of.  Since I want this to be a major decluttering effort, I might go through it again right away.

Here’s the last shelf:

  • 32 bottles of expired medications (now that’s a little better)
  • Vinegar
  • Big Bear of Honey (I’ve heard that you can uncrystalize pure honey but I tried once and it seemed to take forever.  I’ve also heard that it lasts for like hundreds of years but would you really want to eat it after hundreds of years?)
  • Almost empty container of Kool-Aid (I know it’s terrible but I love Kool-Aid once in awhile)
  • Bag of walnuts that I was going to use for Christmas cookies a few years ago.
  • Great big bottle of Acetyl L-Carnitine that I was given for my thyroid but never got around to taking.
  • Top of the butter dish
  • Tupperware shaker container that’s missing the bottom
  • Tupperware salt shaker

40 Things from the top shelf! Now we’re getting somewhere!

That’s a total of 74 things out of the first kitchen cabinet, done over 3 days.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be able to top the 500 things I got out of the bedroom on this room.  Every cabinet is bursting at the seams.  I feel like I need to go deep on this decluttering because I want to be able to cook more without having to move a million things every day before starting.  Plus, people are always filling up this room!

Kitchen Total = 74 Things

Grand Decluttering Total = 2,103 Things that I never have to pick up again!!

Here’s a few pics of the things I got rid of:

(I’m not posting a lot of pics right now because it’s just so bad in the room.  I love posting before pics but not until I’m pretty much done.)

kitchen decluttering

kitchen decluttering

Before and After Pics of the Bedroom

Ok, here’s before and after pics of my bedroom. Well, one side of it anyways.  It’s a long skinny room and it was feeling very claustrophobic in there with things caving in on both sides.  The clothes were piling up higher and higher.  It’s easy to see why it was so hard to relax in there and why it was stressful waking up and seeing that first thing in the morning.

before pic of bedroom

The Before Pic of my Bedroom

And here it is now… The After Pic

after pic of bedroom

The After Pic of My Bedroom

It’s a  lot less stressful in there now but see what I mean about doing it again?  There’s still a lot in the room that I could get rid of.  Each room is going to get a second (and probably third) round of decluttering so I will get to it again sometime later this year.

Do you see that little bucket on the floor?  Guess what’s in there……

UNMATCHED SOCKS!!!  There’s no end to them!! They’re everywhere!!

I didn’t feel like going through them so I just piled them in the little bucket.  I probably could have added a good number to my count if I had gone through them.

The Big Pile of Stuff

All of this stuff, except for a few additional things, came out of my bedroom. It’s so much nicer in there now. I can actually move around. I can’t believe how many bags I filled up! It’s so nice to have it out of my living room now too. 

The bags filled up the whole back of the truck

Next time, I think I’ll get rid of it as I finish going through it. I thought it would feel good to see how much space was freed up by seeing it all together but it didn’t work. Instead, I’m feeling a lot of anxiety about it. That was a lot of stuff that I gave away and I’m wondering if I really did the right thing or if I should have tried to sell some of it. I’m wondering if things accidentally ended up in the bags. Thoughts like those are going through my head right now. Hopefully I’ll feel better about it tomorrow. 

I learned a lesson and next time I’ll do it differently.