I Need Some Opinions

Even if you know nothing about horses or horse trailers, could you please offer an opinion or suggestions on places to post a horse trailer for sale?

Here’s the situation. I’ve been trying to sell my old horse trailer for close to six months. In all that time, I’ve gotten 3 emails, none of which panned out.  I’ve had it listed on Craigslist and various Facebook groups, including the marketplace. I had a friend put it on a Farm Buys website.  I think that’s it.

I NEED to sell this trailer. It’s nice. It has new tires, a huge tack room and there’s hardly any rust. My new trailer that I paid quite a bit more for than what I’m asking for this one has a lot more rust.

So, is it the Price ($2,700), Condition (not bad), Color (pink), or some other reason that people aren’t interested?  I don’t get it. I thought if I was patient, a buyer would come along eventually but it’s just not happening.

One of my friends is insisting it’s the pink and she’s offered to help me paint it. Do you think that could be all it is?  Should I take her up on the offer?

A Few Hours of Impromptu Decluttering

Impromptu declutteringA few weeks ago, there was another fire in a hoarder house and the occupant couldn’t get out and the fire fighters couldn’t get in easily.  The person inside died.  It’s just so sad to think about that.  The person may not have even realized they had a problem.  Or maybe they’ve been struggling with it for years, trying to deal with it, but the clutter monster won this time.

It sounds silly to call it a clutter monster, as if the clutter is a living being, but some days it seems like it has a life of it’s own.  Flylady says it best when she says that you can’t organize clutter, you can only get rid of it.  It takes over the whole house filling every bit of empty space.  I swear the stuff multiplies on it’s own.  Very few people can handle an organized hoard, I’m definitely not one of them, so I must keep decluttering.

As I was watching an update on the news story about the fire last Friday morning before work, I got that sick feeling.  There’s too much stuff in my house.  Are the hallways blocked?  Could we get through if we needed to?  Would we be tripping over things?  Next, I thought about the worst part of my house right now.  It’s the basement for sure but since I’m already short on time, is it worth it to work down there?  This sparked my impromptu decluttering!

It was an early day of work for me and as soon as I got home, I went into the basement.  I had a goal of working on one small shelf.  I decided to tackle two shelves instead and I’m glad I did.  It wasn’t too much to handle and I surprisingly got rid of a lot!  I guess this really is getting easier.

Here’s the list from my impromptu decluttering:

  • Bread maker
  • Insulated Lunch bag
  • Cookie Tin
  • Plastic pumpkin
  • Pager system (when is the last time you saw one of these?)
  • Tupperware Tray
  • Giant cooler cup
  • Blue drink cooler
  • Electric wok (I’ve always wanted to try this but after 15 years I think it’s time to give up that dream)
  • Little purse
  • Safari Alarm Clock
  • Fondue set
  • HALO game case (yep it’s empty)
  • Santa candle lamp (I think this is what went with that little shade I got rid of a few weeks ago)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Toy bowl
  • Another cookie tin
  • 5 Peppermint taffies (I wonder how long those have been down there?)
  • Plastic terydachtl – (why can’t I think of how to spell that?  It’s a plastic dinosaur)
  • Sock
  • Bratz Dollz boot
  • Little toy girl with no head
  • Princess hair tie
  • Piece of train track
  • Metrics made easy card
  • Playdoh knife
  • Plastic turtle
  • Tiny plastic horse bridle
  • Toy boat
  • Square Tupperware container
  • Half yard stick (who knows where the other half is)
  • Wooden train car (one of those fake knock offs)
  • Waffle block
  • Toy plate
  • Tiny plastic dinosaur
  • Pencil cover
  • Digimon action figure stamper
  • Stuffed animal  (dinosaur actually)
  • Foldable frisbee
  • Half of a toy – (no idea what to call this thing so let’s leave it at that)
  • Wooden letter tray
  • Little Davy Crockett book (it’s so cute that I spent 10 minutes debating about this one!)
  • VHS battery
  • Toy slide
  • First aid instructions
  • Bubble wand
  • Another little dinosaur
  • Easter tree
  • Green hair tie
  • Jesus pin

54 Things!

impromptu decluttering
Not too bad since I didn’t even have plans to be decluttering that day!  And I know I say it all the time but that’s 54 things that I never have to pick up again!  I’m sure that I’ve picked these things up and moved them around the house many, many times.  What a waste of time, energy, and space!  I’m sure they’ve caused arguments with the kids because they were laying on the floor a million times.  What a stress on the family!  All because of STUFF that we never needed in the first place.

Just let it go…….

Here’s a few after pics!!

impromptu decluttering

Spending Saturday with the Horses

It was a beautiful day today and I’m glad I didn’t spend it inside. First we went to a friend’s house and worked with her horses. Then we went and gave our horse a bath so he’d be ready for a show tomorrow.

Next Thing on the List

Fact of the matter is, there’s so much to be done that it doesn’t matter what’s next as long as a job is getting done.  Any job.  But where to start when it’s so bad?   Well, I think one of the kids unloaded the dishwasher so I could go load it.  Yea.  That’s what I’ll do.  Load the dishwasher.   I need a plan but not today.  I’m not feeling the greatest yet so please excuse my rambling randomness.

Where do I begin today?

Whenever I think that question, the reply in my head is “at the beginning.”  But today, I don’t even know where that is.  I’m still behind on everything.  We had an extra long horse show last Saturday and I’ve been super sick ever since.  I was able to work from home for a few days which helped to keep work from getting way out of control but the house?  Ridiculous.  Go ahead and call the Hoarders crew over because that’s what it looks like over here.

I guess for now I’m going to start at the beginning and cut the grass.  That’s the number one thing that needs to be done today because my yard already looks like a jungle.  I’ll decide on what number two will be while I’m doing that.  I’m thinking that I need to work on my kitchen a bit.

Next Week’s Free Table Will Be Full

I’m starting today with 2 big boxes of things that I’m all set to get rid of.  It’s not that much but the whole couch is still covered with things I’m hoping to get through today.  The room looks a ton better already.  I was able to get some cleaning done underneath where the clutter has been piling up.  I feel good about what I got done yesterday and there will be lots more progress today.

Now, for the free table.

I’ve been finding so many brand new things and just really nice things that I can’t get myself to donate them, especially after the experience I had last week.  I would put up a free table here but there’s construction up the road so I don’t have much traffic.  My mom really loves my free tables so I asked her if I could set it up by her house next week and she said yes.  She lives right off of a busy road that you can see her house from so I think it will work out great.

If you don’t know what the free table is, it’s basically a table that I set up outside with a FREE STUFF sign and let people come and take whatever they want.  If I’m giving it away anyways, why not give it to the people in my own community?  People who I know could use some of it without someone else making a huge profit off of it.  It really bothers me how much they charge for stuff they get for free.  They charge more for it than what you can buy it for new at the store. I wouldn’t have such a problem with it if the prices were reasonable.

I’m terrible at rummage sales.

I also like doing it more than rummage sales.  I’m not good at rummage sales and have never made much money doing them because I mark everything so cheap.  I figured instead of trying to make 50 cents on something, why not just give it away to someone who can use it?  It seems like my idea has been catching on in my area too.  Last week, someone down the road had a rummage sale and at the end, they put a free sign up.  I’m really looking forward to setting it up at my mom’s next week in a different neighborhood.  It would really make me smile to see them popping up all over the city.

It’s early afternoon and progress is slow but steady

My head is continuously saying get it out but my heart is saying no that’s so useful!  It’s a constant struggle today.  It looks like I’ve just been moving stuff around the room all day but there’s a box that’s slowly filling up.  My son keeps coming downstairs every once in awhile to check that the get rid of box is filling up.  He would like a dumpster to put EVERYTHING in.  That would make him very happy but I can’t do that.  I just can’t.

I have so much really nice stuff to get rid of that I’m thinking FREE TABLE!!!

One Hour Later

And I’m appalled.  Where does it come from??  I really haven’t done anything except move stuff around the room.  I’ve thrown a little bit of garbage away.  Thankfully, there’s not much garbage.  Mostly just papers that have fallen on the floor or underneath things. But, I guess I was fooling myself thinking there wasn’t much stuff here.

I thought I would be able to get it mostly done today and have time to do other things but that’s not going to happen.  It’s going to take me all three days with all of this.  I’m just in shock at how many things there are in this one room.  I really thought I was making better progress than this.

How is it that the eyes can see it as too much stuff but the brain doesn’t really see anything wrong?  Why is it that some people can look at it and be shocked and for others it’s perfectly fine?

Quick story here that doesn’t offer any insight into eyes or brains:  I have a good friend with twins.  When they were younger, like preteen age, and she would bring them over (only a couple of times because of the hoard), one of them would get so excited.  That one would run all over the house and had the best time ever here.  He loved the mess and all the stuff, especially all the cool toys.  It was like a treasure hunt for him.  The girl on the other hand, could hardly stand being in the house.  It drove her crazy.  I felt bad for her.  It was like sensory overload and she had to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Anyways, I’m not quite sure why I couldn’t see how much stuff was in this room.  Back to work I go….

So Much Stuff in the Living Room

I would really love to say that once I got my living room decluttered the first time it stayed that way but that’s not what happened.  As usual, the mounds of things built back up again.  It took a long time but there’s a mountain right in the center of the room.  Well, I have 3 days off and I’m going to tackle it!  I’ll be getting rid of as much as possible and making sure that the things I keep have a place.

No one in the family thinks I can finish it in 3 days but I’m hopeful.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot and there’s a lot more to get rid of.  Cleaning it up goes much faster when there’s not as much stuff.  I’m ready!  I might post pics when I’m done but right now, I just can’t get myself to do it but I can’t believe it got this bad again.  I’m quite embarrassed by it but I want people to know that this decluttering takes time and a set back is just a set back.

I’ll be back later with some updates!

Does Consignment Count?

We have a tack store in our area that sells things on consignment.  I had to go there tonight to drop a saddle off for a friend and right before I left, I saw a pile of my horse stuff that didn’t sell at the fair.  I thought why not take it along?  It’s in my living room and I’m planning on cleaning in here all weekend.  It will free up a little space.  So I dropped a few things off and maybe I’ll make a couple bucks.

Since they’re just on consignment and there’s a chance they could come back home, I wasn’t sure if I should put them in my count but I think I’m going to.  They’ll be there a minimum of three months and after that, I probably won’t care about any of it.

Here’s my little list:

  • Halter/bridle combo
  • Better Bucket
  • Shipping boots
  • Purple reins
  • Saddle pad

That’s it.  Just 5 things decluttered today.