Almost done with the entry way!

staining wood

All of these stained pieces of wood will be put together tomorrow to make a new entry way.

It’s been such a bad week with my horse Flash that I didn’t think we would ever finish the entry way.  I wanted to finish all the staining last week but didn’t.  Today, since I was looking for a way to keep my mind off everything that’s been going on, I was happy to do the staining and, thankfully, it took all day!  There was a lot of wood.

When I first got to the shop where I was working on it, I finished up the boards that were already stained.  They just needed polyurethane put on them.  I wasn’t sure if I should  do one coat or two.  I ended up doing two coats and I’m glad I did!  They look beautiful!


I put the polyurethane on these boards tonight and they look great now!

After I finished that part, I stained the rest of the boards.  They all had to be sanded first and then wiped down before I could put the stain on.  Since it was cheaper wood than what I used for the coat rack, there were a lot of pits and they soaked up the stain way too fast.  I wasn’t in a hurry though so I just kept working at it and got them all covered.

It’s definitely not a perfect job but it will be in a corner that’s rather dark so I don’t think you will see the imperfections. I had the boards for the coat rack part sitting there all week and they looked good.

I left all of the boards at the shop tonight to dry so they’ll be ready to be put together first thing in the morning.  I can’t wait!!!


Isn’t it pretty?

Free Day Reward?

not hoarding cookbooks

I’ve been getting rid of things by putting them out on a table in front of my house with a big FREE sign.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff so far and I’m hoping to do it again this weekend.  Last weekend, I wasn’t even planning on having a free table but I started working on an area and had so much stuff that we set it up.  A few hours later, almost everything was gone.  It was my biggest and most successful free day yet!

Dinner at my house has been getting a bit routine.  We’ve been making the same things over and over for a few months now.  I was thinking that I really needed some new cookbooks but certainly couldn’t afford any new ones right now.  Besides, even if I could afford them, I still probably wouldn’t buy myself new cookbooks when there’s so many perfectly good used ones out there.

The night after my biggest and most successful free day, I was at a 4-H volunteer banquet.  Everyone got some raffle tickets.  We played a trivia game and the tables that got the trivia questions right won extra tickets.  My table didn’t win any extras.  There were different bags for different things that you could put your tickets in and one was a cookbook basket.  Some of the other things were a Keurig coffee maker, a Starbucks basket with coffee, some scissors, and a car wash basket.  I put a few of my tickets in the cookbook basket and a few in the other bags.  Surprisingly, I won the cookbook basket!

The cookbooks were all brand new Taste of Home cookbooks.  My favorite ones!!! And let me tell you, a brand new cookbook has a different feel to it than a used one!  It feels great!

The books included one for Christmas, one called Church Suppers, one with Best Loved Healthy recipes, and a diabetes family friendly cookbook.  The fifth book wasn’t a cookbook at all but a book that made me think that maybe these books were my reward for having these free days.  The title of the book is The Kindness Diaries.  I thought that was pretty cool!

Tough Decisions – Vintage 3M Games Oh-Wah-Ree and Facts in Five

Vintage games

I’m having a hard time letting go of a few things.  These two games are on the top of my list right now.  My head is saying to get rid of them.  I don’t need them.  I have no reason to be attached to them.  I picked them up about a month ago at a rummage sale.  It was a bag sale and my mom pointed them out.  They were marked $8.00 each but I fit them both in a bag along with a bunch of other stuff for $5.00.  I had never even heard of these games before I picked them up that day,  I put them on eBay last week and didn’t get any bids on them.

My heart on the other hand is saying hey, these are cool vintage games.  They’re both from the 1960’s and they look awesome.  We could really use some games around here that aren’t electronic and these are pretty neat.  It looks like all of the parts are here and they’re still in good condition.  They look fun!  Oh-Wah-Ree has a leather pouch of brightly colored marbles and a leather pouch of stones.

They are both the size of big books.  In fact, they are called Bookshelf games because you can put them on your book shelf along with the big encyclopedias that you probably don’t have anymore.  They are so big though that I would really like to get rid of them.  I have them sitting next to my TV right now and they’re driving me crazy.  I want that spot cleared off.  I could move them but do I really want to take up that much room somewhere else either?  I don’t think so.

Does anyone know anything about these antique games?  Should I feel bad getting rid of them or should I be keeping them?  What would you do with them?

Free Day was NOT a Flop Today!

The Free Table is Over Half Empty

This is all that was left at the end of the day!

I am so happy!  The free table was over half empty when I went out to clean it up this evening.  I don’t know why I’m always surprised but I am.  Hey, do you see them?  The Lucky Brand jeans?  Nope!  Someone finally took them!  Yay!  I still have that dictionary which is a bummer but look at how much other stuff is gone.

In case you didn’t see the post from when I set it up this morning, here’s the picture I took:

Table with things that I'm giving away for free

This is the Free Table after I set it up this morning.

I even put a few more things out there during the day and they were all taken.  It was slower today than last week but those almost empty tables make me smile.  I think that last week there was a rummage sale down the street and that might have helped it go faster.  I still have a feeling that my neighbors think I’m crazy for doing this but I don’t care too much.  I really think that we all need to help our own communities a little bit more so if I help even a few people, it’s worth it.

The best part is… I don’t even remember some of the stuff that I put out there so I won’t even miss it!  I have to keep looking back at the before picture to see what’s gone.

I wish that I would have thought of this at the beginning of summer instead of right before winter.  I could have been doing it for months!  I’ll have to come up with a new way to get rid of things once it gets too cold.

But Wait You Can See Your Floor!


Nothing irks me more than when someone tells me that I can’t come to their house because it’s a mess and then I find out that to them a mess means a few things are out of place.

I don’t want anyone to think that I won’t understand or that their situation is impossible.  I know what it’s like to not see your floor for months or years at a time but I also know what it’s like to finally see it for the first time after all those months or years.  It feels great and that’s what I want you to feel!

There’s a few reasons that you can  see my floor in the pics:

  • I’ve been working really really hard at getting rid of things.  I’ve finally realized that my life is flying past me and I’m missing it because I’m always busy taking care of the “STUFF”.  I’m done with the stuff and it’s time to rediscover some buried hobbies.
  • The floor is brand new.  There’s a 4 foot pile of stuff filling up another room so that we could put the new floor into the living room.  The carpet that was in there was probably at least 40-50 years old which didn’t bother us too much because we hardly ever saw it anyways.
  • Lastly, I’m still a little cautious about posting pics that are too bad.   I haven’t let many people into my house so not many people know how bad it is and I wouldn’t want them to find it online.  It’s getting a lot better and I’m hoping that soon I will be able to invite people over again.  Then I will post more pics.

I’ve been taking lots of pics of all of the changes that are taking place.  I have lots of before and after pics and I post them in small doses.  I will post full room pics when everything is finished or at least close to being finished.  There’s still a ton of work to do!

Now that the new floor is in, I can finally start painting.  Once I have two walls done, I’ll be putting in some shelves.  I feel like a big part of my problem is a lack of storage so I’ll let you know how it works out!!