Day 36 Gloves, Ribbon, and Some Stickers

I’m really getting motivated to keep going.  Days 8, 9, and 10 were pretty hard to get past but something happened during that time that I was stuck.  Now, more than ever, I’m determined to keep marching on faster and more intensely.  There’s so much stuff piling up that I’m starting to have a lot of anxiety over it too. I have some other projects that I’m itching to get started on which make it even more urgent to make some progress.

A Lifelong Skill

I know that I’ll never be “finished” and that decluttering is a lifelong skill but I have a few goals in mind.  If I can reach those goals, then I’ll be able to move on to new ones.

  1. I want to have both couches cleared off so people can sit comfortably in the living room.
  2. Storage solutions need to be created for a couple of places where things naturally pile up.
  3. If would be great if I wasn’t embarrassed when someone came to the door.  That doesn’t mean it has to be perfect, just good enough that it’s not humiliating when there’s a knock.

day 36 of decluttering challenge


Day 34 Pretty Paper

This was actually fun to set up.  I was going to count the whole stack as one thing but then decided to count each piece.  I thought I had 18 pieces but it ended up being 20.  I’m still going to count it as 18 though.  These pieces were cut for a horseless horse project but we didn’t use it all.  I’ve been saving it for awhile and now it’s time for it to go.  There’s lots more where it came from, it just doesn’t have to stay in my house anymore.

Day 33 Is There a Paper Factory in My House?

I’m kind of counting out papers for pics. Sometimes there’s more than 18 in a stack but I could use up all my days on paper if I didn’t add more.  I know they’re not interesting pics either but I like seeing it all laid out there.  Where did all this paper come from?

Bonus:  One of the kids came home tonight and said, “Hey mom, it’s starting to look better in here.”  How cool is that?

declutter challenge more paper

Day 32 Things From the Kitchen

The kitchen has been the hardest so far.  My kitchen counter is kind of like my front porch.  I can’t make any progress and when I do, it just goes right back to the way it was.  It’s frustrating.  I managed to get rid of all these expired foods and some dishes.  Of course there were some papers in there that didn’t belong.

Day 31 No Reason to Keep It

I’m getting so sick of going through all this little junk.  My only reprieve is that I’LL NEVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT AGAIN! Once it’s out, it’s out as long as I don’t let it pile up again.  Between the mail, groceries, and all this stuff that my mom keeps sending over, I still feel like there’s more coming in than going out.

day 31 decluttering challenge

Day 29 Hard Things to Let Go

For this 2018 thing decluttering challenge, nothing in the house is safe.  I’ve already been in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and now one of the kids’ closets.  I said these were hard to get rid of because I only kept a handful of my youngest daughter’s dresses and these were some of my favorites.  I’ve decided to send the 3 on the right to my son for my grandbaby and get rid of the other two.

The other fun thing in this batch is the Mobigo.  It’s a game system for little kids.  I wanted to keep this but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working right.  Instead of hanging on to it, I’m going to let it go.  The rest of the things are a coloring picture, an Otter case, bracelet and a shopping bag.  There’s a hole in the bag, otherwise I wouldn’t get rid of it.  Well, maybe I would because I have a lot more of them.

Day 25 Let it Rain!

Some of the things that are leaving are an umbrella, a frisbee, an airplane, a cat toy, and a bag of grain.  The rest is more papers plus some hand sanitizer and a cell phone holder.

I am moving right along here! These last few days haven’t been very impressive but the numbers are adding up.  It’s been mostly small things and papers.  I’ve gotten rid of 450 things since I started this declutter challenge at the beginning of July.

The Grand Decluttering Total after day 25 is 2,969 things!!

Only 2 more days and I’ll be over 3,000.  I can’t wait!!

I’ve Been Decluttering All Day Today

I’m so determined to get rid of things that I think I’m bordering on obsessed now.  I just can’t seem to even make a dent.  Usually when I get the get rid of stuff out, you can see a difference.  This time however, it doesn’t look any different.  After taking out 2 big garbage bags full, filling a donation box, and delivering a bag of food to my mom, it still doesn’t look any better in my living room.

Apparently things were piling up higher than I was realizing.  I guess that happens when clutter is invisible to you. It appears when I look at it through a camera.  I don’t know why.  I’ve been taking pictures all day hoping to see improvement but it hasn’t happened yet.  Things must be getting better though.  How couldn’t they with everything that’s gone out the door?