Day 48 Waffle Blocks and Boots

I have a really hard time letting go of the kids’ toys but things are moving along fine.  My mindset is finally changing.  I can’t let in the new until I let go of some of the old.  I’m not going all Rambo and getting rid of all of them but there’s a lot that I’ve been hanging on to that I don’t need or necessarily want to keep anymore.  It’s all just taking up space.

Not Much Left on The Free Table

When I pulled up by the free table, I was a little disappointed at how much was still left.  I was also surprised that some of the things that I thought would go right away were still there.  All of the leftovers fit inside that box on the right.  I guess that’s pretty good since it took me 2 car loads to get it there.   Lots of clothes were taken which is good.  I’m glad for that.  One of the things that I was surprised wasn’t gone was the pancake shaker maker.  Those things are or were like $15.00.  I think you can get cheap knock offs now.

Pots and Pans Fill the Cupboards

When I was about 12 years old, I spent my summer babysitting for a little boy up the street.  We didn’t normally cook food but on one particular day, the mom gave me something to cook.  I had to ask the little boy where they kept the pots and pans.  At my house, we had about 10 different frying pans to choose from, a bunch of the quart size ones, and about 20 in between sizes.  There was no shortage of pots and pans.  Small ones and big ones.  Nice ones and well used ones.  I thought everyone had that many pots and pans.  It was normal to me.

He told me which cabinet they were in.  Cabinet?  Just one cabinet?  I opened it up and there was only one pan of each size.  I remember the day very vividly even though it was a long time ago.  It was strange to not have so many choices, almost confusing to me. I asked him where the rest were and he told me that was all they had.  Searching through the rest of the cabinets, I was panicking a little bit.  When I asked him why they didn’t have more, he asked why they needed more.  We cooked a lot more after that and it was nice to know that even though there were only a few pots and pans, it was enough.  We didn’t need anymore.

Pots and Pans Everywhere

I remembered this tonight as I looked around my kitchen at all the pots and pans everywhere.  Why do we have so many?  A lot of them even have teflon flaking off and they should be thrown away.  If we only had a couple, there would only be a couple to wash.  There wouldn’t be stacks of them.  I would be able to put them away instead having to leave them out because they don’t fit in a cabinet.

What about you?  Do you have lots of pots and pans?  Or just a few? I’m curious to know which is more common.

Day 10 of Bedroom Decluttering. Was it enough?

I think this is day 10 of decluttering my bedroom.  I’m getting very close to 500 things that I’ve let go.  I was hoping to get to at least 500 by this weekend so we’ll see in a little bit.  Last night, as I was working on it, I looked around and thought… I could start over right now and find another 500 things to get rid of.  It’s certainly much better than when I started but I can’t believe how much is still in there.  I’m pretty sure that I could fill up almost my whole truck right now with all of the bags and boxes ready to be donated.

Here’s the list for the weekend. Is it enough to get to 500?

  • Blue velour pajamas
  • Brown pants
  • Pajama top
  • Red fleece shirt
  • Green shorts
  • Pajama pants
  • Pink top
  • Black top
  • Hippie top
  • Yellow shorts
  • Pink pajama top
  • Light blue pajama top
  • New York hoodie
  • Flower gift bag
  • Teddy bear gift bag
  • Joy gift bag
  • Snowman gift bag
  • Tissue paper
  • Piece of wrapping paper
  • Snow ball maker
  • Side of a computer
  • Pillow covered in cat hair
  • Mattress cover
  • Body pillow
  • Green shirt
  • Blue pants
  • Black skirt
  • Some weird fruity short set
  • Gray T-shirt
  • Room divider for a tent
  • Bag of mints from last Christmas
  • 6 single socks (can’t forget those!)
  • Messed up tie
  • Sheet music
  • The other shoe that I found in the beginning
  • 3 Ninjas VHS tape
  • Leather Blackberry holder
  • Blue lantern (that I think I might keep..yea take this off the list)
  • Little tube of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
  • Tips, hints and shortcuts for a cell phone
  • Little M&M notepad
  • Brown velour pajama set
  • Denim capris
  • Pair of jeans
  • Hello Kitty Nintendo DS Case (this is going on eBay)
  • Flowery comforter
  • Really cute light purple hoodie with paw prints on the front
  • Pair of slippers
  • Zipper pouch

This was a pretty boring list but that’s 53 things to get rid of… did I make it??? Oh wait, I’m keeping the lantern so it’s only 52!

Total Bedroom Decluttering After Day 10 = 509 Things!!!

bedroom decluttering

bedroom decluttering day 10

bedroom decluttering day 10

I’m so so so excited!  I actually did it!  I made it to 500 things in 10 days of decluttering!

Unfortunately, I just missed my other goal of getting to 2,000 things in the whole house. But I’m really close…

Grand Decluttering Total = 1,996 Things that I never have to pick up again!!

I think that I might have to find 4 more things in my bedroom to get rid of before I go to bed tonight.  Or maybe I’ll go to 14 days of decluttering in that room.  That would probably make the most sense.

I haven’t really decided what area I’m doing next so this will give me a few more days to think about it.  This week was looking a little less busy but that’s all changed.  It’s another busy week with things going on almost every night.

Gearing Up for a New Year of Decluttering

Some people might have been looking forward to after Christmas shopping today but not me!  I couldn’t wait to get started on decluttering in my bedroom.  There’s a pic to go with the list but I can’t seem to upload it right now.  I’ll try again later.

I couldn’t do much today because of all the dust.  Forget the dust bunnies, there were dust doggies in there.  They were huge.  Where exactly do clumps of dust come from?  Of course, I have terrible dust allergies so I’m not feeling all that great tonight.  This project might need to be broken up into small blocks of time every day but we’ll see.  I was hoping to finish by next Monday but it might take two weeks to finish it.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Stop the Insanity! book (I guess it didn’t work)
  • Roadmap to Success book (this one didn’t work either)
  • Silent Night by Mary Higgins Clark
  • Poltergeist The Legacy
  • Night Mare
  • Christmas Crafts
  • Tupperware Confidence brochure
  • Cat toy
  • Cat collar
  • Bottle of bubbles
  • Lamp
  • 5 tooth flossers
  • 2 hotel key cards
  • 26 old hair ties
  • Popsicle stick

I’m excited to begin the count:  Day 1 = 45 things

I always feel a little guilty counting all of those little tiny things like hair ties individually but they are all individual things that I will never have to pick up off the floor again.

Total After Day 1 = 45

Grand Total for the house =  1,459

Those Pesky Places that Fill Up with Clutter

I keep talking about three areas that I need to work on but I’m waiting until after Christmas.  One of those spots couldn’t wait because I want it cleaned up a little bit before I put the tree up this weekend.  I decided that I could work on it a little bit at a time.  I wasn’t going to just because it always seems I make more of a mess when I’m trying to clean up.

The Shoes

The area that I decided I could start on is the shoe holder by the door.  There’s still a lot of summer sandals in there and it’s freezing outside.  So, the sandals can all be put in the bedrooms now.  We aren’t going to wear most of these shoes until at least April or May again so it’s okay if they’re packed away.

shoe area

I don’t know why there’s so many shoes!  We don’t have THAT many people here!

The Bathroom Closet

On to the next area.  The bathroom closet.  I haven’t gone in there in a long time because well, frankly, I just can’t get in there.  It’s a tall skinny closet that doesn’t function very good.  It’s hard to get things in and out of it but we need it as a place to put things.  It doesn’t take more than a couple hours to clean it out but I won’t have a couple hours for a few more weeks.  Until then, it will just drive me crazy.

closet2closet clutter

The Kitchen Mess

So, the closet is the second place that needs a lot of work but neither one of those two places need as much work as one area of my kitchen.  This is one of those embarrassing places.  I feel like it looks worse in the pictures than in real life but unfortunately, I think I can just see it in the pictures.  I’m so used to looking at it that I don’t see it anymore.  This is an area that will probably take me an entire week to finish.  Some of it will get done before Christmas but most of it will have to wait.

kitchen clutter

What a disaster!  That wine rack has turned into a stuff everything into it kind of place.  As you can see, not much wine but tons of other stuff.  The top of the microwave is packed, as is the counter.  This stuff seems to be all the stuff that doesn’t have any place else to go.  I’ll really need to work on finding some organization for these things.  I have a few ideas but no time right now to think about them.

These areas will be the first ones to get worked on in the new year.  Actually, I will have the shoes done by the end of the weekend.  I have the basket of hats and mittens on top that will probably have to wait but that’s okay.  They aren’t causing a scene or anything yet.  They’re over the top of the basket right now but just a little bit.  I want to catch it before it explodes all over the entire shoe holder but I don’t feel like it’s too that point yet and I’ll get to it before it does.

Letting the Table Go

I wish I would have taken a picture of the table but I didn’t think of it until I was getting ready to leave the city dump.  At one time, it was a beautiful little table but last fall, while I was re-doing my living room, it ended up outside.  I didn’t mean for it to end up outside but I didn’t have enough room for it.  I only wanted it out there while I moved things around but it never made it back in.  I had it under a tarp but our weather has been wonderful for mold and it got a hold of the table, along with a lot of water.

So, I had to let it go.

Here’s the story of the table and why it was very hard for me to throw it into that giant dumpster.

I was at a rummage sale and the lady had a lot of stuff that I really liked.  She was really nice and we had a lot in common.  When I saw the table that she was selling for $20, I loved it.  It was so pretty and elegant looking.  I went to get the money out and realized that I didn’t have enough.  She was an older lady and it almost seemed like her daughters were pressuring her to get rid of things so they convinced her to let me buy it for less.  I think I only had $12 or $15 and she seemed very hesitant but then she said, “I’ll give it to for that if you promise to love it as much as I did.”

I feel terrible about what happened to the table.  I almost kept it even though my mom kept telling me that it needed to go.  And then the guy that was helping me unload the trailer of stuff at the dump looked at it and said, “It’s toast.”  I knew he was right so I put it in the dumpster.

I’m still a little sad about it tonight but at least it’s not outside my house anymore.  The building inspector should be along any day now and that’s one less thing in my yard, which by the way, isn’t looking too bad.

I Shouldn’t Have Touched the Front Porch

I knew I shouldn’t have tried to work on the front porch tonight.  My plan of working on it Saturday night hadn’t worked out so I should have left it for next weekend.  Instead, I decided to go ahead and start on it.  I only got a little bit done and now my entire living room is full of porch clutter.

Here’s what the porch looks like now.  The first picture is after I moved everything into my living room.  The second picture is the before pic.  It’s hard to tell that it’s the same corner but you can tell that it is if you look at the red bridle bag hanging by the window.  And yes, those saddles were under all that stuff.  You can see the horn on the western saddle sticking out a little bit. The porch is stacked almost 4 feet high with everything under the sun like that sledding tube, a hose, a cereal holder and lots more.

I think these are some of the most embarrassing pictures that I’ve posted so far. You can really see the hoarding in these pictures.  It’s just piles of STUFF.  Why is there never any organization?  It’s going to take a few more months before this porch really gets cleared out but the more that I get rid of, the easier it gets.

Here’s a few pics of the other corner on that side of the front porch.  You can see the glider chair now!!  There’s still a lot of things on it but at least you can see it.  Before it was completely buried.  If there were shelves or a cabinet or something like that in there, things could finally get organized.

The stuff on the chair is all ready to be gotten rid of. I just can’t get myself to take it to St. Vinny’s or Goodwill.  There’s a lot of brand new stuff in there.  Selling it is a huge hassle too so I think I want to go with the free table method of giving it away.  Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait until the weekend.  It will just have to stay piled up until then.

This is only one side of the front porch and there’s still a lot of stuff that I haven’t cleaned up yet.  The other side is stacked at least 3 or 4 feet high too.  I’ll do a little bit everyday.  I can’t wait to see the end result.  I’m hoping to make some nice improvements by Sunday.

Update:  It’s been a few months and the front porch is still a disaster.  I still haven’t found a way to organize anything and it’s still the catch all place for everything that comes in or out of the house.